Contact Anya for an RDV

When contacting Lady ANYA, use HER email here: and be specific about your areas of interest.

FOR ALL FOOT FETISHIST IN PARIS, France I can accept your emails here: but you must follow these rules:

Vous m’ennuierez si vous ne pouvez pas suivre les instructions de base et obéir.
Règles de contact
• Sachez quelques heures et dates auxquelles vous pouvez me servir.
• Je joue généralement entre 7h et 19h du lundi au vendredi en la 15th EME.
• Faites-moi savoir les heures et les dates et je vous dirigerai à partir de là.
• le tarif varie entre 110 et 140 euros selon votre fétiche
Si vous ne pouvez pas suivre ces instructions, tous les messages seront ignorés

Should you have an appreciation for my site and stories please contribute!

Anya enjoys when you know where you can serve HER.

1THe Vaulteast of Downtown$280 hourly Video here: here
2Domestic space in the Energy Corridor $250 hourly FULLY EQUIPPED
3NRG Stadium/Bellaire Area....perfect menacing location for Medical Play and assorted delights.$260 hourly. Video of Medical Play room can be viewed here
Video of Main Play room can be viewed here
4Spring Area$270 hourly FULLY EQUIPPED Video of Main Play room can be viewed here

You can donate/leave DEPOSIT to Lady ANYA via this the email through these methods:

 Donation MediaLink
1GIFT RocketClick here to Donate!
2Amazon E Gift card to keep Lady Anya well fetishized.Simply use MY email
3SQUARE CASH but you must have a DEBIT CARDClick here to Donate!

TEXT ANYA at 832 534 3947