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Welcome to MY world. You arrived here for a reason and I am sure you know what that is. I exist here to help you change your life…be renewed with new VISION for your FUTURE. We all have a specific VOID we are trying to fill; no?  Tell ME yours. I have been successfully executing Fetish Fantasies for over a DECADE.

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Join Anya for BDSM Thrills and Education ! READ HERE about 6 BENEFITS OF BDSM PRACTICE: 

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Do you find you have little time to serve a Mistress live?  Try “A Distance” and see how it can change your life for the better. CHALLENGE yourself with a 30, 60, 90 or beyond CHASTITY TRAINING PROGRAM.

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Anya can still do an OCCASIONAL LIVE SESSION if your application caters to HER Whims.

Domina Anya

Co-VID-19 Update

CO_VID-19 update use my cashtag below is you feel the need to show your support for my Fetish Art and Hard Work though I am usually too Proud to BEG!$EducationConsultant


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