Ashes to Ashes; Balls to Knee..

Smoking Fetish; Leather Gloves

TweetWhen Jeremy came to me in regards to a “smoking” fetish I was, naturally, amused as I enjoy blowing cigarette smoke in the faces of MY plebeians. His little scene had a tiny twist which made the scene a bit more intriguing then the previous smoke in your face and double drags that abounded. We … Read moreAshes to Ashes; Balls to Knee..

Snap, Krackle, BLEED!

Corporal Punishment

TweetOne of those fleeting moments of vividly imaging life lacking the divine elements of D/s and its undertakings. Of the activities I would miss the most would have to be MY collection of bull, snake, & single tail whips. The erotic sensation I feel when I crack MY bull whip is unrivaled to no other … Read moreSnap, Krackle, BLEED!