Corporal Punishment

A Review Less Ordinary

When Walter contacted me to schedule he held extreme angst in his voice though his proclivities appeared reasonably simplistic at their core. He enjoyed being sissified; dolled up like a sexy female in his slutty best and serve a Mistress. Simple yet we all know the devil is in those details ..if it is to be deeply rewarding we all know there are details to refine and shape. As Walter had incredible anxiety about his desires and how he could further his fantasies of spending time as a slutty female which was currently limited to simply renting hotel rooms, slipping into many a “tight, red/purple/pink slutty dress and stiletto heels and prancing around the room ~ always dreaming of opening the door and working the streets to find his first real “john”.

Walter arrived with trepidation to MY lair on a Tuesday morning ~ 11 am on an extended lunch hour. images3VXB6EP1I ordered Walter to my office to portray the wayward safety officer employee that was experiencing a higher than average # of staff accidents and OSHA infractions at the plant he managed in Beaumont. “Are you aware of the reason you are here with me (his senior level HR Manager) today?” I asked. “I suspect I am up for my quarterly review…and obtain a healthy raise,” Walter relied in a cocky manner. “In fact the company’s safety record has decreased an almost standard deviation in the past 2 years since you became the EHS Officer at the Beaumont plant..therefore more drastic measures are necessary to elevate you to compliance and to eventually exceed the EHS expectations,” I explained. “An alternative form of discipline has been implemented for special cases like you!”
“Should I be worred?” Walter asked. “Only if you are non compliant with the specially designed program.” I replied.
I reviewed the numerous safety violations and OCEA infractions the Company received under Walters watch and the dire impact it had on the organization. I reminded Walter sternly, armed with multiple facts and logical reports outlining his failures. He could only sit and endure a negative review of the past 2 years as the EH & S Officer. I reminded him that several families are dependent on him to do a proper and mindful job. I then ordered Walter to remove all clothing and get on all fours while I began his “review” by administering a salt water and baking soda warm water enema. He was stunned and filled with trepidation but I cautioned him that there was simply “no way out”..well..only via the unemployment hallway. After I massaged his descending colon to “move” this review along he soon ran to the bathroom and the enema phase was complete. “Since your numerous sexist violations came to light from HR your wrap sheet is not looking optimistic…hence I plan to sissify you today and turn you into MY little doll for the afternoon,” I informed Walter.
Quickly Walter became Wanda; clad in a tight sexy maid outfit featuring black stiletto heels, hot black fishnets and a blond whig with overdone whore like make up. Wanda was taught to crawl, fetch drinks, a bit of light dusting, and that dreaded baseboard duty while I “man handled” Him/her. I also attached Wanda to My St. Andrew’s cross and he received a light flogging and then I had to take him over my knee for a spanking as I lubed him up and inserted an aneros prostate massager in his rectum. I bound his testicles tightly with rope then added a lovely leather harness for good measure. PicsArt_03-17-06.22.30Wanda was complying well therefore a short break was in order so he was instructed to run into MY kitchen to prepare sandwiches, petite fours and tea for ME. I sat at the helm of MY dining room table as he humbly bowed and sat on the floor at my disposal. He then cleaned up the items and returned to the floor as I laid out his next task. I chose 5 dildoes of varying sizes and colors and threw playing cards on the floor. “NOW Wanda….crawl on the floor and choose 3 cards to determine the duration of your fellatio training as it is mission critical to the next phase of your behavior modification,” Wanda crawled to the cards and lifted each of the 3 cards with his mouth and laid them at my boots. I looked at the hand and it totaled 18. “Lucky employee…you have 18 minutes of continuous sucking to complete to MY express satisfaction,” I told wanda. I then was wearing my largest strap on and ordered Wanda to his knees as he shyly licked and sucked the appendage. “You can do better and show ME you love it,” I cautioned Wanda. He had performed on my dick for 6 minutes and I had him then lay down on my bondage table as I straddled him with my thighs forcing him to endure the next 12 minutes of sucking the remaining 4 dildos as I grabbed the back of his hair to test his gag reflexes. “I will try to please you Mistress,” Wanda meekly said. “Remember Wanda…there is NO TRY; only DO or DON’T” I reminded him.
To conclude this scene I had to tie a tight rope harness on Wanda;s torso, secure the rope to My whipping post and “flog the femininity” into wanda with a healthy infusion of impact and an extraction and breakdown of that lingering and ineffective male ego. Upon my final flog on his derriere I spread his ankles wide, removed the aneros device and was ever so curious to whether this forced femme training would lead Wanda to success in his exam…just 5 days from now. Rome was not built in a day but no reason that a Goddess cannot exude the power to transform and walk this latent Whore down to the road to an accelerated new career serving “johns” until his work performance as an EH & S officer improved.