Forced BI

A slaves Tale….

Beware the Ides of March…Alas I am publishing one of MY lowly slaves articles as I can be generous sometimes😊. Can you sense the sheer RAW-ness of it??

Mistress Anya’s Two boi slave Scene

Mistress called me at 2 in the afternoon to see if I was available to be a participant as another slave in a scene. Mistress was forcing the other slave to be bi. He does not like that but who cares slaves do as they are told too by Mistress.
I arrived promptly at 5 as instructed I knocked on the door and entered when Mistress opened the door. I immediately dropped to my knees and kissed her shoes. She told me to strip which I quickly did. The other slave was bound spread eagle on the hanging chains and blindfolded. Mistress quickly inspected me and tied up my balls and inserted a large plug. Mistress was then put weighted nipple clamps on me. She then told me to kneel and wait.

The Calm Before the Storm

Mistress then began to spank and whip the other slave. He was begging her not to make him do bi. Mistress does not mind begging but she has her limits and told him to hush or it was going to get worse. The slave kept whining and whimpering about his plight. Mistress walk around in front of him and kicked him in the balls three times. I even flinched at his pain. Out of the corner of her Mistress noticed my movement. She immediately wheeled around and struck me three times with her flogger around my neck and shoulders.
Mistress turned her attention back to the bound slave. She told him to relax and do as he was told. Mistress asked him if he understood her and he said “Yes Mistress”. Mistress smiled and told him she was going to let him loose and he was to be moved to the bench. Mistress offered him some water which he gladly took. Unfortunately, slave did not say thank you first and was immediately reminded of his place by Mistress Anya flogger. Mistress bound him to the bench. She then had me help her with her strap-on dildo.
Mistress got behind the slave and began to insert it slowly in his ass. He moaned and thanked her for fucking him. She began to bang him harder and harder. Then she stopped and withdrew the dildo.

YEARNING and yet MORE Yearning

Slave was panting and wanting more she told him to open his mouth. He did think she was going to stick in his mouth. The slave was so surprised when I stuck my cock in his mouth. He tried to spit it out but couldn’t. He then bit down a bit and I winced. Mistress asked me if he bit me; I said “Yes Mistress”. Mistress Anya told him to suck it right like it was her dildo or face the consequences. The slave agreed to and she told me to fuck his face hard which I did. Mistress soon started to fuck his ass again. The slave must have been in heaven because her shot all over the place.

Savor The Taste

Mistress untied him and had him lick up all his cum. She then had him dress and leave. Mistress looked at me and smiled and said I was such a good slave for performing on short notice. I thanked her by kneeling in front of her and kissing her feet. Mistress removed the plug and stuck it in my mouth and told me to jack-off into a glass. I did and thanked her. She told me to dress while she went to the bathroom. When she returned she gave me the glass of cum and her golden nectar and told me to drink up.
Thank You Mistress for a wonderful session and allowing me to write about it for You.