(ALL MY BLOGS ARE FACT….NOT FICTION…but the victims in MY tales have all given me their express PERMISSION)

Domina Anya LOVES to indulge HER whims in Vampire Role Play using multiple forms of BDSM. She plans an twisted 3 days for HER subject.

Bliss. Thrills. Novelty. We all crave it. We all want to experience it. Je ne sais pas ce que … l’excitation… of an altered state. Every day roller coasters scream with energy on their tracks and millions are at home watching the latest slasher with the comfort that it will all end at their discretion. Ravers drop LSD and tweek to EDM at clubs, bar goers pass the time intoxicated to be out of their heads. Most know they can ultimately control their circumstance; they can go home and escape to the bland only to return to their altered state the following Saturday. What is you entered a realm to which escape of the ability to end was not an option? No…not a prison sentence…..something worse….or Divine…it is all a matter of perspective.
.jim/Cassandra contacted me with a 50+ list of questions that would have made even the greatest of researchers cringe….he seemed highly concerned with quality and had an uncanny attraction to details. Answering his questions about his fetishes was time consuming and can be infuriating but I trekked on and we had a meeting. He drove a fair distance to engage in his activated and was semi ~ retired. We met briefly for a discussion and I then held in my hand one of 10+ ultra femme dresses he brought over in which he has custom designed. cassandrandIBeautiful items; purple & pink laced delights and gorgeous hosiery complete with lacy petticoats. A little girl’s candy coated dream! I dressed him up and quickly transformed him into Cassandra…the girl of jim’s dreams. I BDSM Educationenjoyed placing my rough leather cuffs on him; roping him tightly and watching him crawl so delicately on my floors. I quickly plugged his anal cavity tightly and upgraded the girth of the plug as cassandra’s tolerance grew. We maxed out little cassandra’s pain threshold as his genitals accepted larger “sounding and vibration” techniques; his cavity filled and vibrated. Cassandra was at a loss for that special “something”. “Sometimes food loses its flavor, colors fade easily and life just does not feel right any longer…” Cassandra would often complain. It was as though he had faced every challenge life hurled at him and was ready to give in…just make his exit from the hassles of being among the living. “I see my little Cassandra…perhaps your next adventure is to truly remove yourself from the living and walk though this life as member of MY select society.” I suggested. Cassandra was amused and awakened to the idea of crossing over into the unknown and into a new state of existence. We planned for a 3 day ritual initiation where Cassandra would be removed from his current sensibilities for 72 hours…..can he endure this removal of his reality?

Cassandra arrived at 10 am on a Friday morning to begin the challenges. He brought with him 2 Apple computers and 3 suitcases of his female persona clothing…each day his own specialty designed frilly dress along with a few wigs to hide himself in. He spent the daytime organizing the room he was assigned and cleaning my residence to my specification along with preparing teas and cakes for the afternoon tea party with my other Mistress’.

When the clock struck 7 pm I ordered Cassandra to be 100% free of clothing and to bath in myrrh scented bath on the 3rd floor. Cassandra emerged freshly scented and naked before me. I created an alter in MY Dungeon and poured fresh “blood” into a silver goblet for which Cassandra would be permitted to drink once the rites of passage were given. I, dressed in a long black latex dress, red heels and a red cape, read MY sacred words “Do you, cassandra, accept your humble role as an apprentice of the Camarilla’s faction known to the undead as “TOREADOR?” Do you fully agree to comply with its character, its rites of passage, its holiness and sacred nature, its vision and structural CEMETARYhierarchy as the Social and Cultural Leaders of the Camarilla Sect?” I asked of a trembling and nervous Cassandra. “Yes Mistress, I promise to comply,” Cassandra softly responded. I ordered Cassandra to drink the contents of the silver goblet then get on all fours on my soft red carpet. I took MY bullwhip and inflicted 6 lashes to his backside and then heated up a metal “A” and branded his backside with my fist initial. “NOW you belong to me….to mold and control,” I told Cassandra.
Since we had a long evening ahead of us I dressed Cassandra back into masculine clothing… boring black pants and a black collared shirt and MY special Toreador necklace in which he is not to remove until the end of the training and initiation. I also placed a shock collar around his testicles with MYSELF possessing the remote to provide a “gentle/genital” reminder if he is in the incorrect posture or ….perhaps his frame of mind is not in sync with MINE …few punishments rival a little shock to the genitals. He has to learn the Toreador ways of life …mostly Divine with a spattering of weaknesses that, as Toreadors (artistic socialites) tried to improve upon. We sought only beauty, pleasure and the finer things that life has to offer. In doing so we would often overlook the practical aspects of life and fall victims of frivolousness and flightiness. In matters of finance and the strategic necessitates of life..we deserve an F…well I am being cruel…I will give a D-.

We set out to a nearby cemetery where we would walk the aisles of headstones in search of our ancestors whose lives were cut short by unforeseen powers that would rival our tightly knit, carefully crafted Society of the Divine….perhaps a violent Nosferatu that victimized one of our very own Venture members or a loose cannon Malkavian that sought vengeance on another Toreador out of sheer jealousy. As we glared at a headstone of Toreador I forced Cassandra to remove his shirt and get on all fours before the stone as I lit hot wax and sprinkled it deliciously over his back to form the infamous Toreador Crest Design. Cassandra let out little yelps of agony here and there but he needed to channel the pain of a Toreador life cut short through his own body. Alas I did a lovely outdoor in the cemetery flogging after the wax was painstakingly removed with my vampire gloves.
Cassandra and I departed the cemetery after our rituals concluded and headed to The House of Pies café as the midnight hour stuck as it then famously becomes “The House of Guys” and I knew no one would judge a latex and leather clad Dominatrix and a submissive “trainee trany” . I heavily scrutinized cassandra’s demeanor and posture while at the HOP’s and would SHOCK his genitals if it appeared he was slipping from grace. I used the restroom to gather fresh urine and forced him to drink it with his iced tea. Cassandra was slowly learning to OBEY my every command…but needed to be pushed harder so we simply “headed home”. The clock now struck 2 am by the time we arrived back to the Dungeon as I had Cassandra strip naked and quickly tied him tightly to my St.

Andrew’s Cross. I reminded him of his ongoing training and that he needed to increase his pain threshold and inflicted 60 lashes …20 to his upper back, 30 to his ass, and another 10 against the backs of his thighs. Light drips of blood were shed as I applied soothing remedies and allowed Cassandra to recite what he has learned throughout the first part of our “journey” as he sipped a nice little reward of finer champagne and macarons prior to going inside his “holding cage” for a nice long slumber.

Since Cassandra was a retired information technology executive his initial morning duties were to expand the digital marketing efforts for ME and MY team. I put him to work editing photography, listing MY web presence and performing other administrative tasks in which he would then go to the grocery store and buy what was on MY thorough list. He was commanded to call ME if he was in doubt about any items on my list; and as detail minded as he was he often DID have numerous questions. He would return, slip into his maid outfit and wig and prepare breakfast with a delightful and elaborate tea spread. The rest of our time was spent visiting other Camarilla factions, reviewing new costumes for our parties and attending the political “courts” held by Tremere and Ventrue. I could see cassandra’s attentiveness and interest in life accelerating fast and his pain threshold was increasing. He was renewed by a little injection of “pain” into his overly routine life. After our last ritual I simply asked cassandra “How do you feel about continuing on this path?” Said he “I need to return to my real life Sunday but I can taste more flavor in my crossaints, more tannins in my wine and more hazelnut and vanilla in my coffee…” …..anticipating our next long challenging otherworldly challenge.

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