Smoking Fetish; Leather Gloves

Ashes to Ashes; Balls to Knee..

When Jeremy came to me in regards to a “smoking” fetish I was, naturally, amused as I enjoy blowing cigarette smoke in the faces of MY plebeians. His little scene had a tiny twist which made the scene a bit more intriguing then the previous smoke in your face and double drags that abounded. We planned for a late night 10 pm scene…fewer spectators outside my balcony to witness this scene.

As Jeremy entered my front door I noticed his shyness and awkwardness and attempted to put his mind at ease as I stared into his eyes in my long flowing traditional red dress and 7” spike heels which was his express request. “GO to My bathroom and remove all clothing” I ordered though Jeremy hardly appeared willing and confident to comply…he was of a small & squat a build at roughly 5’4”.cigaretteinhand
“Mistress I wish to keep my boxer shorts & shirt ON” he shyly told me. “VERY WELL!” I replied…a bit peeved as you all know MY subs need to be in the buff as the Goddesses intended.
He then was ordered to MY 2nd floor to portray a typical “sleezeball at a bar” and I a patron sitting and enjoying a Martini. “You look like another Cosmopolitan could suite you along with my company” Jeremy said. “Your company? I bet you enjoy a little whisky smooth to accompany your hot look,” I teased as I placed a quick peck on his cheek. Jeremy looked surprised. “There is more where that came from” I told him as I lured him out to MY balcony as we stood facing one another…I towering over him. I bent down and whispered in jeremy’s left ear “I need to ask you one thing…will you indulge ME,” “Of course, Ma’am,” he replied. “How can I be with a prick insect like yourself? What would possess me to do so?” Jeremy look stunned and nervous as I quickly pinned him up against MY corner wall outside…my knee FIRMLY holding his balls. “A squat underling such as yourself attempting to force your company on me..How does MY knee feel against your balls?” Jeremy was silent as I grabbed MY long red holder and lit my Benson & Hedges Menthol lights, inhaled a long drag and blew it in his face, then another then a DOUBLE DRAG and again smoke surrounding his face. The balcony was a smoky fun filled haze with Jeremy pinned against a wall..helpless to MY gaze and inhaling my toxins. I then placed a wet towel over his tongue and extinguished my cigarette on top of it and made sure Jeremy enjoyed every minutes of it.
I then ordered him to the bathroom and to get dressed. He complied, returning just outside MY door preparing to get in his car as I extended my index finger to motion him to be close to ME. “You will remember this evening…you know WHY?” I asked. “…because you made me choke and gasp …” he replied. “Because I have a lovely gift for you to take home.” I said. I grabbed a large ashtray full of used cigarette butts, opened the wasteband of his pants and emptied the entire contents into them. Jeremy was fortunate to not have them inserted deep into his orifices. My ashtray then left; perhaps he will be a valuable chimneysweep in another life.

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