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To contact me, fill out the FORM below

 Should you have any problems with this form, please send me an email to ‘‘.

 I protect your privacy and I expect you to protect mine as well.

I currently conduct sessions in TEANECK, NEW JERSEY

Messages that do not meet my expectations will be ignored. 

You must examine it carefully before making FIRST contact with me.


Step 1

If you are

serious and that you wish to meet me, please fill in the following form

below or you can send them to me by SMS via 832 534 3947

Step 2

I need to know the time and date you wish to meet with me 

Step 3

You must me

share your fetishes in my form or you can send them to me

by SMS. 

I will send you

details of times and locations ONCE.  You will answer me and I will offer you ONE

OTHER REPEAT, then the date will be set.

Step 4

I prefer that

you send me a deposit of 40 USD, but if this is not possible we will discuss why not.

Step 5

Follow these steps

and we can enjoy an exciting session. Do not follow these rules

and nothing will happen.

Text me for confirmation at two zero one three one five six one zero seven.

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