Men Are From Under My Boot

Lady Anya Distance Training

Every Great Journey Begins with a Single Step….

“Good afternoon Mistress – I am curious if you cater to foot fetishes?” inquires a prospective client.

Well…As A Matter of Fact…

OH MY ~ yet another foot aficionado – I love nothing more than an intense oil massage job to sooth and restore my hard worn feet; perhaps a manicure? Perhaps this time I will be generous and have the slave lick whip cream with chocolate carmel sauce drizzled all over it. That way he can really put forth the effort to use his tongue to clean every drop off my toes and provide my feet with a decent and satisfying massage.
“Of course I love a good foot slave….good and skilled being the operative word. How would thou rate his foot skills?” I inquired. “Well…I do enjoy massaging beautiful women’s feet but my real fetish is boot worship, “ he hurled out of his mouth..nervously. “OH my…I would enjoy you polishing MY boots with your tongue as long as I can feel the impact of your tongue on my feet, calves and toes through both my leather and vinyl boots.” I replied. “I see Mistress…I will not disappoint you but I do love to simply worship boots but also I enjoy being completely covered in boots~ from head to toe,” he mentioned…a bit reluctantly. OH…..I know I have enough boots to embellish his fetish but how would this all play out? We set a lunch session and I gave it some thought.

I prepared my space with all the pictures of boots I could locate; I added special lighting to the shoe and boot portraits. Curtis arrived promptly at noon and I instructed him to remove all clothing – nothing special – MY typical protocol. Curtis returned – clothing removed – but with red stilletto heeled boots on and with the large bag he brought. “Put the bag on the spanking bench,” I commanded to curtis. I collared curtis and dumped out the contents of his beholden 4 pairs of boots. I ordered curtis to thoroughly massage MY feet and in between MY toes and I admit I was amused by the site of a nude slave clad only in boots on his knees massaging MY booted feet. “Mistress…I want you to cover me with those boots…while I lay on My back,” curtis mentions to ME.

I see….” I replied. It seems like this will be psychological session…with me listening to curtis discussing his extreme boot fetish while I relax and listen. I instructed him to lay on his back in his boots as I carefully positioned boots all over his cover all angles…I even put his hands in boots as if he could walk on all foots with boots on them. OH…well…why not? Let’s see curtis circle the room once on all fours with his front paws in boots and his legs adorned in red vinyl. I grabbed my chain and secured it around his collar. “Let’s go for a short walk, shall we?” I said as I led curtis around the Dungeon floor…it was so amusing to see him in his boots…really working the floor as best he could. He then took his place back on MY floor as I piled boot after boot over his physique. I placed googles on him which showed videos of women in malls walking and wearing high heeled boots… he mentioned his pasttime is going to The Galleria mall and searching for women wearing boots so he can simply start at them. “Mistress..I lost my first marriage over my love of boots. My wife could no longer stand me sleeping in a pair of boots so she filed for divorce.” curtis confessed to ME. “I am so sad to learn that…I know you can locate a woman that will appreciate your fondness for boots…” I replied. “YES MISTRESS!..that is my goal.” He grew more and more aroused as I talked more and more about various boot styles and materials..leather, vinyl..even fabric boots. I stood over him massaging the boots into curtis’ skin as he began to masturbate uncontrollably. “I love boots Mistress and will NEVER give them up!” he proclaimed as his breathing began to intensify…” He orgasmed while chanting “boots” and the look of relief on his face was a nice treat to boot! I am pleased curtis is not compromising what makes him happy!

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