Asphyxiation ~ The Power of Toes



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noun, Pathology.

1.the extreme condition caused by lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood, produced by interference with respiration orinsufficient oxygen in the air; suffocation.


DEXTER!….so…here it is…Lady Anya’s first BLOG post about sessions.  I hesitated for the past 7 years as a PRO as well as my previous 3 in the Lifestyle to write the world about my clients due to discretionary purposes but…all names have been changed to protect you…MY precious and devout clients.

What do Michael Hutchins, Albert Dekker (in 1968 of all years!), & John Carradine have in common? All 3 were off beat and famous…but all 3 died of auto erotic asphyxiation..done, most likely alone, and what an rather embarrassing way to be found.  You may wish to visit a Dominatrix if you feel the call to this wildly exciting fetish. In fact, according to, thousands pass from this annually.  The jury is still out as well as to whether or not this actually causes PERMANENT brain damage but I follow up with further research in a later blog.


A widely common fetish is that of the foot worship – YOU … I mean YOU reading this KNOW of this fetish…to lick well arched feet and clean in between beautifully polished toes is a delicacy…to which belongs to you.  Let’s take that a step further and add in the removal of the ability which we all take for granted…the intake of air.feet1

Dexter (not real name) initially came to me with a deep yearning for racial degradation – he MY lowly brown servant and MYself, the demanding and impossible-to-please Plantation Owner.  Let this charming southern tale begin.


“Remove your clothes slave…you know your place…naked, collared and at MY feet for MY disposal.”

Dexter stripped down and crawled to MY feet where he was granted the privilege of touching MY well-manicured toes.  I know how to be the judge, corrector and often punisher of poor foot service.  I then grabbed MY black riding crop and gave him 20 thumps on his backside for his bad behavior previous behavior of not waiting for MY command and simply licking in between my toes…”Remember to EARN this luxury from this point forward…NOW…go fetch my favorite Lavender tea and serve me like I trained you to…” I ordered with my exaggerated southern drawl.  I did love an escape now and then …all the plays I wrote throughout High school always let MY imagination run wild.   And it does in Session. “…you neglected MY brown sugar…” …I proclaimed as I slapped him across the face”. “Oh…so sorry Madame …I will get that…” slave dexter ran to My kitchen and returned with the sugar neatly in its container along with a little cinnamon.  I then felt I needed to order him on all fours while I lubed him up and inserted a butt plug to keep him on his toes.

This does work….a little stimulation to the anal region helps a slaves mind to focus at the task at hand.  I enforced eye contract restriction and he could not look at MY beauty until my entire bathroom was scrubbed clean.  Dexter got to work and, after I inspected the work and it was to MY desires, did I life My restriction.  I then had dexter lay on the ground naked on a soft red towel where I walked all over his body with my white stockinged feet…dexter giggled a bit…my silky stockings seemed to tickle him …and I was not feeling good about that so I removed them.  I pranced all over this floored nude body with my bare feet; scraping my toes up his thighs and twisting them over his genitals..massaging dexters balls with my soft toes.  “Oh Madame…I am not worthy of your attention and even the air YOU breathe Madame” dexter softly uttered…panting and going into a heated frenzy. “Of course not MY little brown dog…you follow MY direction and life will be bearable in my presence.”   “Yet…disobey and feel MY wrath”… I then inserted my foot directly down dexter’s throat…watching him suffocate was intoxicating.  I removed my foot and slapped dexter on each cheek using my feet and then stood with both feet on dexter’s face.  Dexter took all the trampling I was to give out.  The climax of this scene was when I removed dexter’s breath ….ah…the exhilaration and thrill I felt at his choking.  I pressed my foot on dexter’s throat and my other foot rested tightly on his right cheek. I counted to 10…slowly…and ordered dexter to raise his left hand if it go to be too much.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 – 11…I see his left hand go up and I removed my foot.  Dexter laid there…choking and gasping …his eyes glowed a bright red and a look of utter euphoric lust filled his face.  “more Mistress…I beg you…I am not worthy but I need more…”  “Intriguing …what makes ME want to give you more….”  I mused. “I am your humble and devout slave and will do anything…” dexter begged.  “VERY WELL; get to scrubbing MY entire blue tiled kitchen clean and the insides of my refrigerator as well…” I commanded.  Little slave dexter worked diligently and, proceeding MY careful inspection, was ordered back on his back.  I teased him with a soft front body massage using my toes and then had him carefully wash My feet in a bowl filled with warm water.  Afterwards I ordered him back to the floor where I found myself placing my right foot directly on his neck and my left rested on his chest.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13…his left hand rose and I quickly released his neck and allowed the flow of oxygen to fill his lungs once more as dexter chocked, gasped and coughed more aggressively than the first denial..only this time with saliva pouring from his mouth.  As in the first time he had blood shotted eyes and was obviously erotically charged so I ordered him to masturbate before me.  I squeezed out some lubrication and he began stroking himself as I tapped various areas of his front body with my toes….as he came his breathe was heavy and he felt an enhanced and intense climax that only the determined mind of a Mistress with magical feet can provide*.

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