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Domina Anya

To Begin Again…..is it possible?

Chastity Training

CHASTITYAre true Metamorphoses possible? We thrill as the premise of a new beginning but at what risk? What needs to be inflicted
in order for REAL and PERMANENT CHANGE?

Follow slave matt in Chicago on his 2 month journey into transformation

What does a combination of a remote butt plug, a world renowned fitness trainer, and a delightful Chastity device have in common?

Let’s the Games Begin!

We had some disruptions getting started due to privacy issues but we got there and the games began.

Below find said slave’s journey into Ownership by ME:

It is almost “Freedom Friday” of October 23, 2020.

That is a concept I didn’t even know could exist. This is one of the tasks I was instructed to complete in order to earn points to be “released temporarily for a weekend. After the first full week in Her program. I realised that I can’t remember the last time I was without orgasm for 7 consecutive days (actually I started Monday, so it is only almost 5, but still)

The device is hardcore and unescapable but only uncomfortable when I am aroused. Testosterone remains unavoidable, so…yes…there are uncomfortable moments. Twice in fact, I woke up in the middle of the night due to unintentional (i was sleeping!) discomfort.

I am grateful Lady Anya gives the opportunity for release within Her program. I don’t deserve it.

One week in, she seems to be intelligent, experienced, enthusiastic, pragmatic…and engaged (there has been daily contact)…and a little devious. I only have 7 weeks left.

Truth be told, I am imagining that I did do something that will prevent “Freedom Friday” from happening. And I will learn more lessons over the coming weeks. But, I am curious about how she would actually convince me to reinstall and lock the device if she did let me out for the weekend.

Stay tuned. And…sign up for Her program. So far She is AS ADVERTISED!

sub matt still must place himself in his OWN bondage by today, October 23rd 6 pm to earn his RELEASE. The journey and suffering continue…