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A Spanking Fetish – A Lesson Well Taught

A Spanking Fetish

TweetMy talented spanking slave writes creatively and created the following story about a spanking fetish using inspiration from the American Television Series called “Desperate Housewives” THE SPANKMEN SERIES: THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFES ARE DRUGGED SPANKED AND PENTETRATED One Dark Ominous night in the Eagle state, the infamous Desperate House Wives gather after making a pact to … Read more

How to Abuse Friends and Aid in the Discontinuance of People


TweetStory approved by submissive…no sessions are published w/o the consent of slave Bunni pop otherwise known as “Matt” was deliberating on whether he should do one more session before he permanently gives up his female gender. With as much countless hours I have spent doing research on why males like to dress female I have … Read more

Not so Naked Lunch

Sexual Fetish

TweetBanana splits and sushi lunches …. and a little something extra You go out to that special dinner at Eddie V’s steakhouse and order a cosmopolitan cocktail, the better cut of a filet mignon with cheesy potatoes and that buttered asparagus…your “INsignificant other” orders the same. You toast to good health and the first thing … Read more

An Education for Wayward Sissies – Contributing Author Jennifer Duchowy


TweetI agreed nervously to meet with Anya after several email exchanges and phone conversations. After arriving, I was instructed to go to the bathroom and get ready. To my surprise there was a school girl outfit which included a plaid mini skirt, white collared button down short sleeve shirt, white leather wrist length gloves, a … Read more

Remember school boys…BEHAVE!

Teacher Student Role PLay

TweetIt is Valentine’s Day…be on your best behavior! A Trip to the Principal’s Office When students are disrespectful in class, they receive corporal punishment from Principal Anya. She is a very strict principal, who has zero tolerance for bad behavior and you can rest assured that if you are sent to her office, YOU WILL … Read more

Stroke Recovery & Rehabilitation

BDSM Fetish

Tweet***ALL SESSION STORIES are published with the express permission of the slave/sub**** Coming soon…the harrowing recovery of a chronic masturbator. Can this little submissive be saved from himself? Jimmy was 11 years old in the suburbs of pristine Ohio. He was alone ..at home…with Dad’s naughty magazines. He could not help but touch himself. That … Read more

Redeemed by Blasphemy

Tweet(ALL MY BLOGS ARE FACT….NOT FICTION…but the victims in MY tales have all given me their express PERMISSION) Daniel was frustrated. His wife continued to be absent from even a TINGE of sexual desire and, if they ever did a “fluid” exchange it was curt, sterile & lacking in any sort the lustful desire that … Read more

A slave’s intro to Cuckholdry

Cuckholded by Domina Anya

TweetOne of my little sissy slaves was so cute to type ME a little story of how he entered the Cuckhold scene..we wish him well in his journey….as he (AT MINIMUM) has decent taste in lingerie. How I became Sophia’s Chasity boy (A TRUE SLAVES TRANSITION TALE) It all started when Sophia and I started … Read more