Hazy Shade Of Sexuality (Follow up to a “Review Less Ordinary”)


Tweet A Sissy Called Wanda My neophyte Wanda arrived 5 days later for his exam. 11 am sharp my doorbell rang and I was eager with anticipation of the lunchtime events. Would 2 hours of intensive training transform Wanda? Can Wanda attest to his newly found skills with a brief 90-minute review of what he … Read moreHazy Shade Of Sexuality (Follow up to a “Review Less Ordinary”)

Jennifer’s Fame ~ We can do this the HARD way…

Kidnapping Forced BI

TweetI met joshua/Jennifer some 5 years ago when he was well on his way to femininity and put forth considerable effort in his transformations. He had worked his way though University as a trans escort and learned many lessons as such. I was quite impressed with joshua and planned an extra special session event for … Read moreJennifer’s Fame ~ We can do this the HARD way…

Ashes to Ashes; Balls to Knee..

Smoking Fetish; Leather Gloves

TweetWhen Jeremy came to me in regards to a “smoking” fetish I was, naturally, amused as I enjoy blowing cigarette smoke in the faces of MY plebeians. His little scene had a tiny twist which made the scene a bit more intriguing then the previous smoke in your face and double drags that abounded. We … Read moreAshes to Ashes; Balls to Knee..

Snap, Krackle, BLEED!

Corporal Punishment

TweetOne of those fleeting moments of vividly imaging life lacking the divine elements of D/s and its undertakings. Of the activities I would miss the most would have to be MY collection of bull, snake, & single tail whips. The erotic sensation I feel when I crack MY bull whip is unrivaled to no other … Read moreSnap, Krackle, BLEED!

Iron Fists, Racing Hearts & Oxygen Deprivation

Auto Erotic Asphyxiation

TweetLETS GET THOSE GASMASKS ON! SO…my fellow kinsters..I must blog about a quintessential German fisting experience – I do see a few Europeans and it is always an absolute pleasure.  I am roughly ½ German descent so always doing what I can to be in touch with my roots…if only superficially. Words in Germany seem … Read moreIron Fists, Racing Hearts & Oxygen Deprivation

Sanitation & Safety in BDSM play

BDSM Hygiene

TweetMAGIC WANDS, LELO charged DILDOES, COCK RINGS..OH MY!  YES….so many delicious choices and so many moments to let your safety slip in an erotic haze! I clean my toys after every use of course…whether they are double bagged or not!  I make a practice to use condoms every time..I am more mindful of it being … Read moreSanitation & Safety in BDSM play

Asphyxiation ~ The Power of Toes

Tweet asphyxia [as-fik-see-uh] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin noun, Pathology. 1.the extreme condition caused by lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood, produced by interference with respiration orinsufficient oxygen in the air; suffocation.   DEXTER!….so…here it is…Lady Anya’s first BLOG post about sessions.  I hesitated for the past 7 years as a PRO as well as my previous 3 in the Lifestyle to write the world about my clients due to discretionary purposes but…all names have been changed … Read moreAsphyxiation ~ The Power of Toes