The Wheels of Industry MUST Turn

BDSM Kidnap Role PLay

TweetKidnapping is thought to be terrifying to most; to this athletic & adventurous couple it proved to bring them the euphoria they craved. After a brief back and forth with Todd & Denise we arrived at an intriguing scene and brought it to fruition. BDSM Kidnap play is the ultimate thrill in my opinion and … Read moreThe Wheels of Industry MUST Turn

Nipples are LIFE – The rest – just details

Nipple Play

TweetI have written about specific fetishes but “nick” would frequent My underworld-ly lair with just one thing on his mind – ensure his nipples were as roughed up as could handle. WE must BEGIN somewhere We met ..always Mid morning after games he would play at Memorial Park. He arrived and, though his fetish was … Read moreNipples are LIFE – The rest – just details