Forced Feminization

From Russia With Masochism

А дело бывало — и коза волка съедала.

Pigs might fly.
Literal: It was happening — a goat was eating up a wolf.

Having grown up dancing Kalinka, wearing Kokoshniks
…and fantasizing about being in the famed Russian ballet for so many years and getting the opportunity to visit Russia a few times to include the Bolshoi to see La Bayadère , I embraced the “call” that came to me from one Russian merchant marine desiring a little female sadistic sensation. Having several Russian significant others in my past that taught me far too much about programming that I ever wanted to know, I was game.
The life of a merchant marine. Wake up, eat mundane food. See same 22 crew members for months on end at sea. Look out at ocean…day after day. Monitor containers….then monitor containers. Check import/export documentation. Check more documentation. Watch Movies. Watch Porn. Watch MORE Porn. FIND FEMMEDOMME Porn. Then the urge hits….the lightbulb in the dark cellar turns on and the rest is a bowl of borsch.
I picked up “Vadim” from his docking port as he wanted to be a TRUE SLAVE and I enjoy trapping my victims. My female slave and I threw him in the backseat, placed hood on him and took his phone. “Mistress….remember no marks as evidence…..” said Vadim in his curt method of communication. “Of course, we cannot mark you….what would those ship mates do?” “File charges against two very girlie girls” …we laughed coyly. No marks? I get this request often and think “how can I make this three layer, lemon filled vanilla special cake without getting a few drops of flour on the counter?” is how I see it. “How can I squeeze 20 lemons on a cock without splashing a few drops on the pelvis?” I am not a machine.
Nonetheless Vadim had deafening silence for the nearly 45 minute car ride to the Dungeon. We teased him with spy stories and threats to his strong masculinity.
We dragged him into the Dungeon and forced him to the bathroom to remove all clothes while we transformed him into an ultra Femme look on his strong masculine physique. He was all white lace and pink ribbons…..such an adorable victim. SO enticing my sub Amaya and myself had to tie him down on our table on his little back….wrists & ankles cuffed and thighs ties tightly tied with rope so he was all OURS to toy with all night before his return to monotony aboard his vessel.
“Why so nervous” I whispered as I forced Vodka down his throat to ease him up a bit. “He needs much more Stoli than that to simply catch a buzz….an entire keg of vodka will not get him drunk” Amaya said as she laughed. Vadim who we now called “Valeriya.” We did our rites of passages with Val to include hot wax, tight leather harnesses on his genitals, lots of rings to toy with him and the smallest object I would find in his back orifice. He squirmed a bit but forcing him to view T&D porn on the ceiling calmed him down. We then had HIM perform a dance for us and as we clapped and cheered him on.
When he began to bore us we untied him and forced him on his stomach, added a humbler to constrain his testicles as we scratched them and forced more into his back cavity as he cried out in ecstasy 15 minutes later as we finished with a much larger vibrating object that we made him suck to perfection beforehand. We were just beginning with this sailor boy…so many rituals to inflict on our little Pirozhki. Will he ever transform back into a mighty Bear again after such an ordeal? As we drove him back to the port at 3 am and pushed him back to the mercy of the vessel…what will he tell his ship mates he went? Life continues….Russian Merchant Marine will SURVIVE to receive pain from Dommes all over the globe.