Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow
There is that stage in every self-respecting Dominatrix’s life when she encounters client obsessions that engage her curiosity while mystifying and shocking her in that same flash of emotion. You, my sweet subs and slaves, can well imagine what that will look like….MY eyes widened and MY lips pursed.

Robert contacted ME and was rather decisive to inform me of his exact proclivities; Nurse-patient play – those visits that featured that quintessential white uniform, white panties and humiliating procedures. I was impressed with his fine-tuned tastes. I find a seasoned fetishist has had enough “run-ins” with us Mistresses his kink palette had become more refined ~ likes one’s wine evolution. You taste enough bouquets in earnest (I like plumb-cherry-dark chocolate myself) and I assume you learn what titillates you the best. Robert…ah…YES…robert…has tasted the global clusters of wineyards….Napa Valley, Bourne, Bougelais, Bordeaux, Provence and and of course…Champagne…the list must be infinite. I was incredibly curious to see how infinite his finely tuned tastes were!nurseANYA

Robert arrived for an afternoon appointment on a bright sunny day at 2 pm. I directed him to MY office where we had a curt discussion of his intricate obsession with his current fetish. “I had it done repeatedly by my Mother growing up and then it became a form of threat by my older sisters.” He began. “I see
Yes..I would like you as my nurse to explore these procedures.” Robert told me. I send robert to My bathroom to remove is clothing and change into a hospital gown as I prepared the dry solution…very simple…baking soda and a bit of salt to which I would add warm water to later. “To begin your exam I will first need to ensure your rectum area is 100% clean and free from any matter that may disrupt the testing of the new devices” I informed Robert. “The study needs to be accurate and I would not enjoy any interference by your uncleanliness and I know you want nothing to interfere with the stipend you will receive in partaking in this project,” I gently reminded robert. “Yes Ma’am I plan to be fully compliant.” Excellent news…a compliant subject is a good subject that can be pushed a bit..I then decided to change my original device to a Bardex since robert really needs the money and has a serious gambling habit (that was our premise for his visit) that needed to be satiated.
“Lay on the examination table on your right side pulling your left knee to your chest,” I instructed him. I carefully plut the warm water in my enema bag along with the baking soda and salt.. then added my bardex device and carefully lubricated robert’s anal cavity to ensure a smooth insertion. I hung my bag 3′ above Robert’s body and inserted my plug inside him as he squealed a little…very cute I thought. I then twisted the nozzle a bit to acclimate Robert as I released the valve to ensure a smooth flow of my warm water entered his colon. A consistent flow. I then inflated the balloon outside his rectum to ensure there was little change of leakage..a retainer bardexenemaballoon of sorts if you will. Robert was literally at My mercy..how I enjoy my patients. The water would circulate until I decided to deflate that balloon. “Feeling any discomfort? Too much pressure?” I whispered in robert’s ear. “Or is all pure pleasure?” “No Mistress…I feel fine.” robert gasped. Water pulsing through one’s anal cavity and hitting the pelvic floor and prostate can be pure bliss…..but can have those dreaded dangerous consequences if done carelessly. I felt robert has enough after 4 minutes or so and released the balloon and allowed him to hustle to the bathroom for some relief. Now we begin. As robert emerged from the bathroom I ordered him to my red bench to bend over on his stomach and I inspected his anal cavity with my double gloved index finger….clean enough..could be improved but here we go! I grabbed his testicles in my hands and fixed a lovely leather harness to contain them and get them out of MY way. I lubricated an Aneros prograsm Ice and twisted it slowly inside him, as I forced his knees to spread. I then felt the need to lightly tie his knees to My bench with rope and the derriere laid before me has to be flogged . I know robert did not enjoy that sort of pain so I used my rabbit fur flogger and gave him a light dusting. “You are so fortunate I respect my slave’s rules.” I informed him as I know that precious H2o pulsing through robert’s cavity is what he craved the most and held so dear. That erotic sensation – water hitting his prostate – was the medicine that cured his Dx of a “need for a full body orgasm” and I find pleasure in administering it.
“NOW…robert…go lay on your back on MY exam table as I need to test the vibration of the Lelo cock ring….its vibration and its effectiveness.” I ordered as I lubed him up and placed the ring at the tip of his penile corona area- the tip and the more sensitive area. I removed the tight leather harness I placed on him at the beginning and massaged his testicles a bit. “Now…you cannot cum until I tell you so..” I mentioned gently. “I am soo close to an eruption..” he gasped….he seemed incredibly desperate. “5 more minutes as I test our new glass dildo with raised glass ridges. I removed the Progasm, added lubrication, and twisted the glass device deep inside robert and slid it in and out until he began to squeal more…I was enjoying MYself. I added an additional sensation with my Wahl vibration device that I used to hit the end of the glass device so robert would feel the pulse deep inside himself as he looked as though he would pass out from euphoria.
“You appear as though you are having too much fun…NOW orgasm as I need sperm samples for the lab..” I ordered. robert exploded as I took my vial and made my collection, labeled it and send it on to our lab.
Robert was relieved but this was one medical appointment he did not want to leave…

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