Hazy Shade Of Sexuality (Follow up to a “Review Less Ordinary”)

A Sissy Called Wanda

My neophyte Wanda arrived 5 days later for his exam. 11 am sharp my doorbell rang and I was eager with anticipation of the lunchtime events. Would 2 hours of intensive training transform Wanda? Can Wanda attest to his newly found skills with a brief 90-minute review of what he absorbed from ME? Can he handle the reality of what was to come? Let’s investigate!
Walter walks in ..clad in his boring and unkept male attire…Levis and a navy blue button up shirt…at least his shirt has a collar this time. “Ready for your corrective review?” I asked. “YES Mistress…I will perform as expected,” he replied; in a SLIGHTLY more effeminate tone. I knew he wanted to meet expectations but remained reluctant~ a little motivation was in order to push Wanda down the correctly perverted path. Rhetoric and posturing was ineffective here; Wanda needed to have a proactive decisive competent demonstration of was taught just 5 days ago.
I advised wanda to remove all clothing as I administered his enema, let the water flow and inserted a slightly larger butt plug to get him under my thumb. I dressed him for success….a tight purple spandex dress, red fishnet stockings and the heaviest make up that could potentially make Walter pass for Wanda. I had wanda walk, move his hips and fetch me a lovely 11:30 am martini as he crawled on MY wooden floor and massaged MY stockinged feet. OH MY…there is that doorbell again! Whom could it possibly be? I opened the door to MY 6’3” muscular sub male and let him to MY den. I quickly blindfolded james, had him remove all clothing; put my favorite red collar around him along with red ankle and wrist cuffs. I bound james testicles with rope then leather then applied a generous amount of almond oil to his body as I secured his wrist and ankle cuffs to MY St. Andrew’s cross. I could feel james’ arousal in the air; the scent of warm myhrr and lavender dotted with a hint of lime that was squeezed on the rose petals that covered the table, the sound of London Groove, and the energy of the unknown created a highly erotic environment. Fetching my leash I returned to My living room to locate Wanda, positioning her on the floor to crawl as I put the leash on her collar to follow ME to My den for his exam. This experience carries an incredibly erotic feeling for me; to whisk MY subjects away to another frame of reference, a new and different sensation if you will. It is all related to the uniqueness of the experience that moves me…an Opera, a concert, ballet ~ that ambiance that forces my emotions to absorb a new artistic endeavor.
As we entered the den where james’ was being held , I had Wanda stand close to james and lightly caress his entire body then wanda seemed to know what to do by rubbing himself against him though to practice “fluffing” him . “Enough of the preparation, – get to the task at hand, I need you to demonstrate what you can do from your training just 5 days ago,” I insisted. “Yes Mistress, I will try to impress you.”
Wanda went to work on james; initially his mouth and tongue hesitated but once I provided him with a little “push” he stepped up his game. He was fully enjoying the sucking and and caressing so much I had to grab the back of his head to test his gag reflexes. Wanda was licking his was to success and enjoying the “novelty” of the experience as well. I ordered wanda to come up for air only when I could sense he was struggling and on a sub space high. As I heard james moan with pleasure saw wanda still had his mouth wrapped around his cock. I grabbed his hair and noticed his heavy breathing as though he had invested the cure for the social ill of boredom…I also noticed little tricklets of cum dripping down his chin. I awarded him a strong B – and Wanda confessed he wanted to motivate the company to have him under scrutiny not just Quarterly but 2 x per month and promised his record in EH&S would be spotless.