Forced BI

Holyier than Thou Gloriest of Holes…. A Public Humiliation tale

….Coming soon. I enjoy dragging my sissies and slaves to the seediest of public domains….this time it was a DIRTY DEED DONE DIRT CHEAP…at where else? Those locales one only sees in those truck stop movies.glory

Trixie had to take the next step in HER training….he/She had anticipated entering the public realm for some time and enjoyed HER previous experiences in PRIVATE with My personal male slaves but little did she know what she had agreed to on a fine Thursday post -Thanksgiving morning.

Trixie was kidnapped from HER car at 10:00 am as I pulled a nice snug cozy black hood over her head and forced her into MY car. We entered a garage and I led her into a home and dragged her upstairs. IT was time for the transformation from a simple humble plain male to a glamourous Rockabilly Goddess. I used force as I had him wear a white kimono and delicate slippers as I photographed and analyzed the bone structure of his face. It was a little ROUND for my taste but I can do some sort of make up illusion on him I was sure.
I scoured his face clean and applied a layer of Primer to his face to start. Then came another layer of Primer then the Foundation. The thick eyebrows took the longest along with the overdrawn lips and heavy eye shadow. I then used my airbrush machine to blast his face silky smooth. Then came the gorgeously and of so tempting sexy rockabilly red and black polka dot dress, black hosiery and blonde slut wig. Trixie then practiced walking in his 6” stiletto red heels up and down My stairs until he was relatively believable. And so it was so….the transformation was complete and I dragged Trixie to my car to complete her look at the nail salon up the road on Westheimer. As we entered the salon we were greeted with open arms by the staff who may or may not have “bought” Trixie as a TRUE Femme Goddess. dscn3480 Nonetheless I chose a gorgeous design for Trixie’s 10 slender fingers and they were perfected 45 minutes later…what a great salon…I highly recommend Paris Nails.
I ordered Trixie back into my car and we drove west to the closest 24-hour Video with those “secret booths” that I could find. We lucked out as my accomplice met us there just in time …….he was a professional body builder….the perfect intimidation factor for an obedient Trixie. We entered the “secret” back corridor and explored the various dark areas as we walked every inch of the place. Finally, I located the best room to take Trixie and my muscled accomplice, well…we shall call him Dimitri. Once in the room, I locked the door and positioned Dimitri. “Remove your pants Dimitri as Trixie needs training..” I commanded. “Of course Mistress..” Dimitri replied. “Now Trixie….you must perform until Dimitri is 100% satisfied or I need to drag all those old sleazy men from outside in here for you to perform on…is that clear?” I kindly informed Trixie. “Yes My Mistress…I will do my best to prove myself worthy of you..” At that time Trixie removed his shawl and dropped down on her knees and wrapped his pretty red lipped mouth around Dimitri’s large hard cock. From there he seemed to be an absolute natural…just continuing to suck and suck as he sweated and sweated in the hot booth we were locked in. “Is he performing well….Dimitri..? “I asked as he looked like he was enjoying himself…as he was groaning in ecstasy. “Oh yeah…I am nearly there, matter of fact” replied Dimitri as he looked deeply into my eyes as I stood over them dscn3483both….watching every move. I began to pat Trixie on her back and ass as I could tell she was working hard and needed a little motivation to finish the job. Alas Dimitri cried out and, though Trixie had swallowed most of the cum…a little trickled down her now work beaten make up job …75% or so of her well painted red lips were GONE as she looked up at me..her body shaking and her face an absolute mess.
All 3 of us went to the relaxation room as we exchanged superficial musings. I kissed Dimitri goodbye as he went to locate the closest gym to pump iron and I forced Trixie back into my vehicle. He was quite proud and satisfied with both his look, his nails and his felatio performance. I commended him on his believable female performance and attentive lips as he reviewed how relieved he felt that is was all over…or was it? I made sure this was only the beginning. Here is to beginnings of NEW REALITIES.