How to Abuse Friends and Aid in the Discontinuance of People

Story approved by submissive…no sessions are published w/o the consent of slave
Bunni pop otherwise known as “Matt” was deliberating on whether he should do one more session before he permanently gives up his female gender. With as much countless hours I have spent doing research on why males like to dress female I have only hit brick walls as far as the science as there has has not been a carefully constructed clinical trial on this subject matter. The most conclusions drawn by such half baked “researchers” as to why men like to dress like women is that they like the way women look, feel and touch. Many crossdressed males love the feel of sexy pantyhose as it gets close to the skin.. or the silky feel of lingerie as it slides on the body.

My dearest and most cherished crossdressed slave “Bunni Pop” has been through countless trials and tribulations … back and forth between genders. Constantly deliberating about which gender to choose to legitimately become what he loved to be… a bejeweled, carefully made up delicate blonde and pink haired female. But ..wawait…he didn’t want to give up his masculinity whom he’s oftentimes identified much more strongly with. The intense and ongoing conflict that brewed inside Ms. Pop’s headspace are not that for the faint-of-heart nor are they a laughing matter. Bunni Pop would sport the most gorgeous nails you would ever see… he would have the most fabulous dresses..the most meticulous make up…. the finest wigs… most gorgeous shoes but then he would change his mind …traveling back into the mind to be a boring male ..the switch would be turned off once again and he would Purge.

After knowing bunny pop for almost 9 years he decided he wanted to do a final Purge. Formally murder his female alter ego. Perhaps an unrelenting abusive scenario, an exorcism of sorts could forget his female alter ego.

My goal simply to bring the abuse and make it traumatizing enough to be effective… I need to do a “final solution situation.”

Bunni arrived in the morning for his makeover and made it a little bit extra special and a little more aggressive as we were going to do a public outing and then PRIVATE DUNGEON PLAY.

I went light on the makeup and heavy on the facial jewels and he dressed is a sissy( not a female) but a MALE to sissy boy. I then kidnapped him once again and drove him to an unknown location. That location was a commercial piercer and I force little bunni pop to get a piercing right on his left eyebrow. I was very kind as originally I wanted it on his cheek and his tongue as well as his lip but I was being generous and just forced him to get a piercing on his eyebrow. The piercing man was very kind. We set out once again down the mean Houston roads and headed to the NRG Stadium dungeon. I brutalized bunni pop with my whip, slapped him around before smacking him around again. Carefully restrained him.. tied him to my table…forced him to listen to femme dom transformation audio and basically did a mock castration with my burdizzo.. After all… that was the ultimate goal for bunni pop… to remove all genitals let his testicles shrivel up and wither away so he can fully Embrace his womanhood. Bunni had my butt plug inside him the entire time we were together which I know he felt very uncomfortable with even though the size was so very small. I couldn’t imagine bunny pop even being a true female ..with such a small little man pussy that just wouldn’t never suffice.

After I had beatt him enough..attached nipple clamps, aggressive ball gags, Dental gags…I executed hair pulling, spitting, scratching & saran bondage… I was hoping to scare his “Bunni pop” persona off ….exile bunni pop out into the Woods …cast bunny pop out an exorcism of this female he was harboring deep within his soul . Did the exorcism work? Did I succeed?

“Bunni pop have you cast out all the female demons within your soul never to return?” I gently asked on our ride home. “This IS my genuine goal but tomorrow I have made an appointment to get beautiful long white nails attached to my bare. male disgusting fingers”. With that I will add little can stop the power of femininity nothing, absolutely nothing is more revered. I suppose this Mistress FAILED in the discontinuance of Bunni Pop!