Auto Erotic Asphyxiation

Iron Fists, Racing Hearts & Oxygen Deprivation


SO…my fellow kinsters..I must blog about a quintessential German fisting experience – I do see a few Europeans and it is always an absolute pleasure.  I am roughly ½ German descent so always doing what I can to be in touch with my roots…if only superficially.

Words in Germany seem so pain filled to me…in fact there are numerous German words that include the idea and emotion of pain to describe certain feelings: 1. Fremdschämen (Exterior shame…) 2. Fernweh (Distance pain…wanting to be somewhere else….)3.Torschlusspanik (Closing-gate panic or the pain of the Mid Life Crisis) 4. Lebensmüde (Life tired OR the pain of a boring life…what is this…?  One without BDSM? ) 5. Weltschmerz (World pain- our worlds are not what we want them to be) Well…the list continues and continues.

When Hans rang me I was a bit relunctant as he was simply “held up” at George Bush International Airport for 4 hours.  It was 8 pm in the evening, very rainy and my personal “shut down the mind”  mentality  was easing its way…you know what I am referring to…the “I will simply lose myself in the latest Bill Maher drama or there is always Netflix and Vino.  Hans wanted to cruise over in an hour.  “You do know it’s raining?” I reminded him. “SO WHAT?  I can arrive by 9:15 pm with Crisco and …do you have poppers?”  He replied.  OH yeah…in Germany…it well…rains…and it well…snows…and they are the best drivers on our planet so …WHAT was I implying to him with that fear.  “I do have poppers and can accommodate your Fetish this evening.”  I responded…a bit of hesitation in my voice. “CRISCO?”  We reached an agreement and arrangements were made. I could only think to clad myself in my best khaki latex and red accessories…let’s do SS, shall we?


I admit I was a bit nervous in providing directions to MY discreet lair but one thing I learned is the key to most all is…preparation, diligence, humility and a plethora of faith is what it takes.  Confidence and self-assurance, as everything in life – is everything!  We all have our emotional, physical & intellectual limitations yet add in the proper motivation and life suddenly becomes so much more rewarding.


KNOCK KNOCK…Hans arrived promptly at 9:15 pm, bag of two blocks of Crisco in hand.   Guten Nicht I greeted him from inside and inspected him …he seemed acceptable and I ordered him to MY Dungeon space to begin.  I administered 3 enemas …I needed this one clean for MY scene.  I ordered him to jog a bit after each enema to move things long the intestines quicker and ensure nothing would get in the way of the pleasure.  I then had his lay on my bondage table….on his back and tied both his legs and his wrists down …doused 3 cotton balls in amyl nitrate (poppers) and YES…I know the risks and act accordingly) and placed them in the nose of MY gas mask and screwed the top tightly.  I then secured the mask on the head of Hans and sealed the air the best I could….and assigned him a distress signal when it was too much as I watched carefully…noticing any shake, stir or look of angst in his excited eyes.

In Need of a Little Gas?

12 seconds flew by and I quickly unscrewed the cap of MY eloquent gasmask.  He gasped in amusement as I began to apply deep pressure to his rectum with my double gloved hands; initially the My index finger then MY middle finger followed by the next…all in a circular pattern as Hans began to squeal in anticipation.  This advanced aficionado of Fisting enjoyed BOTH fists as I slid MY entire hand inside slowly…and, his advanced euphoria took hold from another dose of poppers and asphyxiation, I slid in MY next fisted hand inside to provide an enhanced and extended release….there I was.  I felt several convulsions as I removed my hands.  Hans then grabbed MY poppers bottle and took one last mighty inhale.  Ah…perhaps better than that pharmaceutical you take daily…an itch well scratched and healed. ZUFRIEDENHEIT!

PLAY SAFE WITH POPPERS! Investigate any LONG TERM effects – inlcuding those that may pertain to your precious EYES!
WIKIPEDIA Def. of Poppers for Sexual use
Sexual use[edit]
Inhaling nitrites relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body.[4] Smooth muscle surrounds the body’s blood vessels and, when relaxed, causes these vessels to dilate, resulting in an immediate decrease in blood pressure.

Alkyl nitrites are often used as a club drug or to enhance a sexual experience.[1] They facilitate anal intercourse by relaxing the internal and external anal sphincter muscles.

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