Domina Anya CrossDresser

Mistress Owns The Night – A prelude to a birthday debauched

Written by a TRUE INNER SISSY brave enough to face the world as an incompetent SISSY! A true DOLLIFICATION TALE!


It was a Tuesday so I figured that although here intentions were cruel in concept I was fairly confident she would spare me any long-lasting embarrassment. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We were to meet at the Salon at 3pm sharp and i was instructed to show up in my normal cloths but I was also instructed to arrive with my Nails already done to the specs of the picture that Mistress Anya had sent me the day before. I went to a place close to my apartment showed them the pick and an hour later I left with extremely long black stiletto nails. They looked great but the fear was starting to settle in on what was to come.

I arrived at the salon a half hour early and waited until exactly 3 pm to enter the location as to not upset the Mistress any more than I had to. I didn’t know what kind of salon this was so my heart was racing a million miles per second. Mistress was already inside sitting in a posh chair drinking a glass of wine. She greeted me with a smile, complimented my nails and asked if I was ready for everything to change. I lowered my head and said yes Ma’am although I did have a thought to run.

I spent the next 45 minutes in a salon chair getting top and bottom thick eyeliner tattoo. When the technician was done I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the mirror. It was my face alright but my eyes popped like a porn star. This was happening and I had to tell myself to be okay with it after all didn’t a lot of guys go for the metrosexual look. Mistress told me how pleased she was with my look and asked of I was ready for what was next (as if I had a choice at this point) I said yes and we were off to our next stop.

We entered the tattoo and piercing shop around 425pm and I was starting to panic. The eyeliner tattoo was one thing but what was going on here? She told me to relax we were done with Tattoo’s for this day we are only here for a piercing but since you balked I believe we will get two. The first was a very cute eyebrow tattoo that I actually like so I was starting to get comfortable. The next tattoo was a very painful and effective one. I got an O-ring stud Tongue ring on the tip of my tongue and a stud ring in the middle and no kidding I believed I was going to have a sissy stutter for the rest of my life. As I write this a week later I assure you it’s only a slight stutter yet quite offensive to most.

You can relax now sissy, Mistress said, we are heading back to my house for a few adjustments to your attitude. Upon arriving at her place mistress handed me a tall glass of some sort of licorice liquor and a straw and demanded I drink it all down in one gulp, so I did. I already felt buzzed from the day so far but her elixir sure did help to relax me. She told me strip down to nothing and get in the chair. I got naked and sat down in the chair were she proceeded to strap me in and when she was done I was completely immobile from head to shiny toes. She looked down at me with a devilish grin and proclaimed this was payback for an infraction I didn’t remember making. she showed me a long needle and explained that the saline inside wouldn’t last long but would give me the perfect dick sucking lips to last the night all the way through. She poked and poked and although it hurt I didn’t dare complain. When she showed me my Lips in the mirror I cried but luckily my new eyeliner was permanent so of course nothing smeared.

Mistress chastised me for having an erection and after a few swats with her cane to my penis I was soft again and Click the chastity device was locked on. She then instructed me to open my mouth wide as another glass of elixir was to be poured down my throat. She told me I couldn’t swallow until she commanded like a puppy waiting on a treat. With the elixir in my mouth she dropped in the small key to the padlock and hollered “Swallow” I did and she just laughed and laughed. You know that was the key to your chastity and you also know the only way to get it won’t be pleasant.

The next hour was spent giving me a sissy makeover lots of pinks and bright colors. I looked ridiculous and I suspected that was the point. Mistress unstrapped me and told me to go in the other room and put on the cloths she had laid out for me. The dress was absurd a very bright pink lolita style dress and a pair of 4 inch mary jane heels in my size 11. Once dressed I returned to Mistress and she allowed me to swirl and practice walking for a few minutes until she proclaimed it was time for our dinner reservations. She tied a giant bow to my head perfecting the extreme sissy look she had created and we were off in her car.

Dinner at the City Center Restaurant was horrible I knew everyone was looking and giggling and Mistress was more than delighted in her sissy creation. I was allowed a salad and ice tea but barely ate a thing as I was so frightened of being recognized.

Our next stop was Numbers Nightclub were I was sure I would know many a patron and surely a bartender or 2. I was correct but luckily mistress kept me close and I wasn’t recognized. We had a cocktail and were off to our next stop which was morbid, macabre, and wonderful. Mistress took me a graveyard which was okay as we were the only living things there so I was allowed to relax.

She noticed how relaxed I was and said that wasn’t going to work so the next stop had to be somewhere I would never expect. Fucking Treasures Strip Club are you kidding me is what I wanted to say but didn’t dare. We sat in a quaint booth near the back and Mistress excused herself to the restroom. While she was gone a very tall very beautiful black goddess named Jazzmine approached my booth and whispered in my ear that Mistress had bought me a lap dance and I better enjoy it. she then whispered to me that she knew I was wearing the chastity device and that this was going to be painful. It was. My sissy clit was in so much pain but there was nothing I could do. When Jazzmine was done with her sweet torment Mistress approached and very shortly demanded it was time to go. When we got to her car she looked me in the eyes and smiled and said “open your purse” I did and she put my car keys, phone, and wallet in the purse. I hope you remember where your car is. Toodles is the last thing she said as she drove off.

I called a taxi and eventually got back to my car. Today is the last day of my vacation and I still don’t know how I am going to explain my new eyeliner.

Thank You for my torment Mistress I really don’t want to imagine what comes next.