Multiple Lifestyles of the Twisted & Infamous

Duplicity. Let’s explore it.

That yearning to examine another side of life…..another style, another environment, of our OWN DESIGN…or that design you admire. Do you love the excitement you receive when observing Lady Gaga, Prince or another famous person perform? Or, of course, perhaps Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey or Beck are more your style? Do you wish you could be Jessica Watson..Just circumnavigating our Earth? Jacques Cousteau dove the depths of the wondrous sea… witness what seems out of reach for us? What about the famous chefs on those shows…just chopping and chopping? There are also those Primo Ballerinas that you could be for one day? How could you possibly do it? Would it satisfy your other worldly craving (s) so that you can return to being you after? Can you take a deep dive into another self, another world and emerge TRIUMPHANT or just disappointed your day to day world you want to escape from is now upon you? Did you just acquire another addiction…or nasty habit to break?


Jonas initially crawled into MY world longing to be Reborn to the sacred Female gender. He longed to begin as an 8 year old and progress through the phases of life…the anxious pre -tween, the wild 14 year old Goth…then the sexy uninhibited womanly being. I admit I had my reservations…how could I engage Jonas in such an undertaking? Jonas was always drawn emphatically, to femininity. He envisioned every detail of what he wanted to look like…..from the glossy red Mary Jane shoes to the frilling baby doll outfit…the path to his female gender seemed to beckon him closer and closer and it was time to STRIKE.


We met and Jonas was renamed “little jessica” as I stripped Jonas of his male identity I dressed him as doll like as I could and filled him with our memories…Myself as his childhood Governess. I taught him everything she needed to know for an 8 year old…how to sit, eat, walk, study and advance to the next level in education. I administered little Jessica enemas when she was misbehaving and vowed to keep her in line. We progressed from there and fast forwarded to a 14 year old rebellious teen which I spanked frequently for all those late night escapades with friends and night club curiosities. Needless to type gory details….Jessica left my realm with many a sore backside.



The next time we met I was excited to doll jonas up as a “20 something” sexy jessica and force the art of learning felatio upon jessica. I forced jessica to lay on the bed as I inserted an average sized dildo in her little “cavity” as she squealed in delight. jessica looked like a sexy Femme Fatale as I forced her to crawl on the floor softly and gently…..then I put her pretty red lipsticked coated mouth to the test. I brought in another she male who I made to sit in the corner. jessica had to CRAWL slowly to sissy tracy as I held a chain to jessica’s collar to guide her to place her pretty head in between sissy traci’s legs as he laid out his large cock to jessica. jessica was reluctant but I threated to DENY jessica any continuation of Feminity training at My careful hand. She would be HE in a flash…..and would have to exit immediately. jessica seemed to comply and understand the gravity of getting this training correct. she softly massaged traci’s cock and began to lick its tip before taking the entire length in her mouth and sucking – softly at first- but then more aggressively. I praised jessica for her courage – giving her a soft flogging on her delicate backside. jessica seemed a bit humiliated but much more compliant after I filled her little backdoor cavity. I then stripped her down and threw her into MY shower….to have her emerge again as HE….boring Jonas!

We continued years later where jonas became a sexy Harajuku girl and a soon to be Rhinestone Cowgirl…glamour fully realized.