Nipple Play

Nipples are LIFE – The rest – just details

I have written about specific fetishes but “nick” would frequent My underworld-ly lair with just one thing on his mind – ensure his nipples were as roughed up as could handle.

WE must BEGIN somewhere

We met ..always Mid morning after games he would play at Memorial Park. He arrived and, though his fetish was very specific, I insisted on administering to him an enema and having him naked. I always bent him over and gave him MY largest dildo to keep him in line while I lined up every nipple torture device I had. Cloverleaf clamps, Wartenberg wheel, Vampire Gloves, vibrating nipple clamps, scissor clamps, forceps, hot wax, thread, alligator clips (courtesy of nick himself; extra sharp!) and of course I had to put him in the stocks while I used

Cannot Forego Protocol

I still collared nick, cuffed him and ordered him to stand before ME. Initially I made him suffer by placing MY cloverlead clamps on his nipples after I secured him in the wooden stocks and hooded him. nippleclamps Next I enjoyed using MY seizing forceps on his nipples and tying rope at the handles and suspending him from my ceiling hooks. As nick moved ..or even squirmed….the seizing forceps would tighten and he would squeal and start his heavy breathing. Since I know he never wishes to annoy ME with his ridiculous sounds….I had to put a ball gag in his mouth so I can hear my favorite background music better. I then spewed my favorite hot wax all over his nipples as he rotated back and forth in agony. “STOP MOVING or you will really suffer more…” I instructed. “YES MISTRESS…..I can take more” nick replied. “Perfect”! I acknowledged.

Feeling Generous

I then un-tethered nick and had him lay on MY bondage table as I restrained his wrists and ankles to the table while he lie helplessly on his back. I was generous and kind enough to remove his ball gag as he love to chit chat and knows it bothers me so I gave him the order to remain silent. The blindfolds went on and I added the alligator clips….and counted to 30 seconds, I removed them simultaneously and then repeated his torment for over 10 minutes….as nick was feeling the threat and sting of the alligator teeth. I knew he was incredibly aroused so I made nick aware he could not orgasm without MY express permission. Eager to comply I continued with the nipple torment as nick squealed in joy. Eventually I permitted poor nick his orgasm under the more intense torment of needles in his nipples which he adored. Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!