Sexual Fetish

Not so Naked Lunch

Banana splits and sushi lunches …. and a little something extra

You go out to that special dinner at Eddie V’s steakhouse and order a cosmopolitan cocktail, the better cut of a filet mignon with cheesy potatoes and that buttered asparagus…your “INsignificant other” orders the same. You toast to good health and the first thing that happens is a slight spill of vodka cranberry on the top of your hand. You flinch, grab your napkin, carefully dip it in water and wipe your hand clean. The same happens as you cut into that juicy fillet….SQUIRT…all over your arm. Again…you now CRINGE and rush to wipe yourself squeaky clean once more. We all have society’s expectations to be clean and clean and then even more so CLEAN!. Would you enjoy to transcend this societal norm and let the tubes, faucets and bottles of liquid and organics embellish your hungry flesh until you felt so elated you forget all that weighted on you?

Aaron was an experienced player of 35+ years….of BDSM play….needles, sounds, every sized dildo imaginable and the tightest and heaviest of restraints squeezing him to clarity. He loved brazen and daring activities that ranged from forced Bi to public humiliation to forced golden nectar consumption. This time he walked though his stage of wanting to have a variety of flavors and sensations cover his naked but willing vulnerable body.

In south India dessert can actually be consumed first so when Aaron entered My realm my imagination began to run wild …visually occupying my headspace with colors and flavors….and of course creamy sticky sweet textures. I ordered Aaron to remove all that covered him and his cleanliness “barriers” as well. Anything that would stand in our way of him enduring what I wanted him to ensure had to disappear. After he returned fully Unclothed I ordered him to chug 3 shots of whiskey and one shot of vodka to loosen his tension. Aaron complied, of course, as I would never expect anything less.

I collared my slave, cuffed him and had him on all fours as I flogged him into My submission. Aaron squirmed and shook in delight as my sexy naked sub joined us in the flogging as I inserted a plug in his anal cavity. “NOW…little aaron…go arrange the tray in the kitchen for us to use,” I instructed…dragging him with my leash on all fours to the kitchen where he was to prepare the tray to be used in our rendezvous. “make sure you put 1 jar of strawberry sauce, 1 bottle of chocolate sauce, a container of butterscotch, 10 candied cherries, sliced bananas, the pot of crushed peanuts, whipped cream, the packages of M&M’s and sprinkles on the first tray.” Aaron complied as he stood up, completed his task and carried the tray on two feet back to the awaiting table where a large tarp was laid down on the floor. “Now lay on your back…your head on the covered pillow” I commanded as he positioned himself. My naked slave girl then locked his wrists above his head. “Listen up my little table, we need your chest, groin area, and upper thighs to serve us while you are hear….I certainly hope and dream you will be a fine table and we will not have to donate you to Goodwill…” I told aaron.

“OH NO…Mistress….I will hold still and be a strong table…as I want to stay.” He plead back at me…a bit nervous. “Very well…Amaya…go remove the Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry swirl ice cream from the freezer as we must enjoy our ice cream social this afternoon.” My sweet sub returned with the ice cream and first placed 3 scoops on Aaron’s chest and three more scoops across Aaron’s thighs. At this point Aaron was enjoying this too much by way of a large erect glistening penis. I teased him a bit with K&Y jelly and a dollop of rich whipped cream … ”OH MY… are you getting a bit excited and aroused by us?” I grabbed my Zeus Electro Lock down chastity device and placed it on his penis to contain the situation. I then sat on his face and applied the 3 sauces to my ice cream along with the peanuts, bananas and then had fun using the whip cream as I could first lick his nipples delicately then add whip cream, REPEAT. I carefully arranged the cherries just at the right angle …this was art as my naked sultry sub did the same. It had to look perfect…we were planning on eating it after all. “Listen my precious Amaya…make sure you toy with Aaron’s groin area with that curvaceous naked body of yours before you take your first bite,” I instructed of MY sub. She caressed aaron with her soft, ample breasts by brushing them along his groin area and in his inner thigh…as whip cream and sauce covered them. “OH MY…aaron…..your 2nd task….make sure all that whip cream and sauce is licked clean from Amaya’s breasts!” …I sternly commanded. “I will have her clean in less than 3 minutes,” he assured me. “ Amaya was on all fours over aaron’s face as he rapidly licked her breasts as she maneuvered her body to catch his willing tongue. I was sitting to the side and decided to perch myself on his groin as I scooped up the sundae with my long spoon and enjoyed this delight. Aaron did have Amaya’s breasts clean in 3 minutes so I was feeling generous so I placed a spoonful of ice cream inside his mouth and let him have a taste. I was wearing a green latex dress had to remove my panties to avoid getting them covered in the sauce. I then was able to sit properly on Aaron’s groin as the ice cream began to melt. I dragged my throbbing hot tongue all over aaron’s chest as he squealed in delight and begged to be released from his position. “DO you want to be DONATED AWAY, slave aaron…our table” I asked. “No Mistress…I want to be right here…where your table belongs,” he promptly replied. “Very well…Amaya…let’s finish our ice cream and move on to lunch..” Amaya and myself cleaned aaron with our soft wet towels as he lay helplessly as our thighs straddled him and we used every inch of his naked flesh to perch ourselves as we prepared for lunch. We then lay down 2 pieces of spicy salmon niguri, 2 tuna uramakis, and one dragon roll around aaron’s groin & upper thigh area. We played a game with Aarons testicles by inserting finely gauged needles in them to see who can draw the most blood and did not get ANY near the sushi. Amaya actually bested me but the larger problem was the enjoyment aaron was gaining so I put a leather mask on him to deprive him of viewing us…he clearly was undeserving to see our female perfection. We used our chopsticks haphazardly as we poked at aaron’s penis after I unlocked him. Amaya would tease him with your fingers then try to make him cum with her tongue. If he did there was a heavily lashing penalty so he controlled himself.

After we were happily amused by our lunch I freed my table and allowed “it” to clean itself in a shower with the assistance of Amaya. I allowed this after we both forced aaron to his knees and commanded him to jerk off as we stood over him laughing.

YES….table evaluations LIVE IN PERSON are better than any online survey!