Redeemed by Blasphemy

(ALL MY BLOGS ARE FACT….NOT FICTION…but the victims in MY tales have all given me their express PERMISSION)

Daniel was frustrated. His wife continued to be absent from even a TINGE of sexual desire and, if they ever did a “fluid” exchange it was curt, sterile & lacking in any sort the lustful desire that Daniel sought. Like the majority of Catholics Daniel had hang-ups from his Catholic school days and wished to incorporate a bit of sacrilege to really spice up that holy water! Let us gingerly venture down that avenue as after we talked out our little scene we agreed upon a time. Let the incense and wages of sin flow.

Daniel arrived after work around 6:30 with heavy wages of sin upon his shoulders. Daniel appeared nervous as I had him address me as “Sister Anya” I stared into his yearning eyes ~ I was clad in my holy latex best~ the black and white attire to extract your most guilty pleasures~ and he would not cease to stop staring.nun1
“Father Daniel I have much to discuss with you in regards to the new stained-glass we will have installed next week,” I mentioned. “Yes looking forward to it ~ and I’m more looking forward to seeing you Sister Anya,” he told me. “Really what is your intention father Daniel?” “I simply enjoy seeing more of you~ well..I ..uh… I’ve had continuous dreams about you; EROTIC dreams,” confessed Father Daniel. “Well perhaps you can step outside of your Priestly duties and I my sisterly duties every once in a while,” I said quietly. Father Daniel looking utterly surprised, “… but I reply I thought my little secret would be met with distain or even a phone call to father D’Amico.”
“My curiosity grows for you father Daniel” I whispered back. Father Daniel begins to look highly aroused & began to stare at me with a steady gaze. “How about we indulge our desires Father?” I suggested. We planned a time of 10 p.m. to meet at the rectory…in the quiet area. We told our colleagues that we would be amiss because we needed to spend some “additional time” talking to God.

priest10 p.m. came and I had arrived at 9 pm to set up the sexiest scene in the rectory. My red fur wrist and ankle cuffs along with my inverter along with lots red and black silk enhancements. I wore my sexiest black lingerie with the flowing red cape though I kept my demure head cover on for good measure. Father Daniel arrived 10 minutes later and I told him we were to play an enticing game of two truths and a lie and if he lost he would have to permit me to restrain him and do what I wanted to. He would be my personal toy. We played. He lost. Let the imagined pleasures begin! Your mine… Father… all mine and I cannot wait to give you the pleasure you’ve been dreaming of. Deep within your dreams you’ve envisioned my full plump lips wrapped around that depraved cock of yours. I see that it is throbbing hard wanting to feel my tongue all over it “longing” head! “I sensually “suggested”. “Yes sister I know I’m guilty as charged feel free to set your mouth free!” he replied…crudely. I could feel the warmth emanating from father Daniel. He clearly had an elevated sexual appetite! “Head to the bathroom and remove all your clothes,” I ordered. He happily obliged. As he returned I teased him and whispered in his ear “Remember don’t tell anyone…but… the Lord is always watching!” Quickly, I secured both his wrists with my fur and leather cuffs as well as his ankles. I then secured a nice little rope chest harness to him as I secured it to MY Inverter. I rubbed closely against his body feeling the build up inside of him. I lubricated his anal cavity..inserted a nice aneros plug and I made sure he felt it…it was just large enough. He was helpless as I stripped off my black lingerie & put coconut oil over my body; teasing him mercilessly as I whispered that he was denied any kind of orgasm and cannot touch me and IF he violated MY laws a call to our head Clergyman, Father D’Amico would be in order… and I would leave this site and they would find him helplessly bound and he would have LOTS OF CREATIVE explaining to do…. or I can simply take pictures and publish it in the Sunday Bulletin. I’m sure all the parish members wouldn’t mind seeing him in such a state. He was so frustrated I could see it building in his face I continued teasing him for well over an hour. The nice little dildo up his Anal cavity was replaced with a slightly larger one. Finally…after my last erotic whisper… he exploded! His liquid was running down his leg. After this is of course I made threats to Father Daniel – threats to publish his photos…among other nasty potential “aftermaths”. I needed to enhance his experience with a nice little post orgasm experience by placing a nice vibrating up and down his penis. I then forced him to on his knees to rrepeat 5 Hail Marys’ and 5 Our Fathers. I then ordered him to repeat how he’s going to rectify this situation and about NEVER dream “pornographic” dreams of me anymore. Since I did not believe him I made sure that I took at least 30 photographs of ALL angles of Father Daniel and, for good measure, I ordered him to turn around to proudly display his ass in his embarrassment and I mentioned to him that he has committed great blasphemy. I told him I would give him ten lashes for every sacrilegious word he spoke to me. I grabbed my best bull whip and inflicted lash after lash on his shoulders 10 times. I worked my way down to his ass and gave him twenty lashes to his shoulders, his ass, and the tops of his thighs. Father Daniel needed more…I picked up my flogger and enjoyed every time the hot leather fired up Father Daniel’s flesh “NOW MY sacred father Daniel you can you repeat that how you’re going to redeem yourself to ME…” He replied…softly “ I promise I will not think of you in a sexual way again…. I am wrong in the eyes of God….I’m a Blasphemous Pig!!” In closing I remarked “Father Daniel not only well you never dream about me sexually you’re going to cater to my whims as needed.” I showed father Daniel all the photographs I had taken and suddenly his attitude changed tremendously. A little flagellation can do wonders! Highly recommended.