Teacher Student Role PLay

Remember school boys…BEHAVE!

It is Valentine’s Day…be on your best behavior!

A Trip to the Principal’s Office

When students are disrespectful in class, they receive corporal punishment from Principal Anya. She is a very strict principal, who has zero tolerance for bad behavior and you can rest assured that if you are sent to her office, YOU WILL be receiving a paddling. Once you receive an office referral from a teacher, you must go turn it into Anya’s secretary, who let’s Principal Anya know you are waiting. You take a seat, your mind begins to wonder about what it will feel like, how many swats will I get, and how hard will it hurt. A few minutes go by, which seems like an eternity and you are suddenly startled by Principal’s door being opened.

Principal Anya walks out, dressed very professionally, grabs your referral from her secretary, and invites you into her office. She tells you to take a seat across from her desk and she quietly reads your referral. She doesn’t smile or talk to you and your mind begins to wonder about what bad things are about to happen.

After Anya reads the referral, she begins to question you about your behavior. You try to convince Anya that you won’t do it again, but Anya knows better and says you are going to be paddled. She decides on a number of swats based on your offense and asks if you understand. Spanking Fetish

Principal Anya asks you to stand up, give a wide stance, and bend over her desk with your elbows on the desk. She pulls out her principal’s paddle and pats your bottom to get her aim. She asks if you know why you are being paddled, and based on your response will determine if you will get extra swats or not. She then says “I want you to count out loud and after every swat say thank you Principal Anya. If you fail to comply or take too long, I may be forced to add another swat.” “Are you ready?”

Anya raises her paddle and the first swat comes down hard. It nearly takes your breath away and you try to hold your position. The second swat seems to come down even harder! A few more swats are administered and the burn on your butt begins to set in. You can really feel the sting of the paddle through your jeans. You try to hold back the tears, but sadly cannot.

Principal Anya asks you to stand up and says “I better NOT see you in my office again or next time it will be on the bare! Take some time to compose yourself and head back to class.” You then rub your already sore bruised bottom while Anya begins to get back to work. You head back to class and sit down at your desk. You cannot seem to get comfortable, but Anya’s “reminder” is there to remind you to behave.