Corporal Punishment

Snap, Krackle, BLEED!

One of those fleeting moments of vividly imaging life lacking the divine elements of D/s and its undertakings. Of the activities I would miss the most would have to be MY collection of bull, snake, & single tail whips. The erotic sensation I feel when I crack MY bull whip is unrivaled to no other sensation. Today was my special Whipping Wednesday, and, at 4:30 am …my slave needed punishment prior to his routine work day in downtown Houston.

I wore my knee length Vinyl boots and leather dress for these delightful pain rituals and I simply adored early morning sessions…knowing MY slave would arrive to his routine post dressed in a boring suit – concealing the remnants of MY marks and suffering the work day though-brought ME sheer delight.
While “Maurice” had and continues to be infamously known for his uncanny pain threshold in the CBT/CBB/NT areas of D/s, this meeting was to push him toward appreciating the raw lash of Anya’s Whip. To accept the continuous cracks and cool marks on his willing backside …happily and joyfully. I was well aware of “maurice’s” ambivalence and did My best to relax him and calm his nerves as I rubbed Arnicare and almond scented oil all over his backside.
“What pleases You pleases ME..” Mauice said…with trepidation in his voice. “GOOD” I bluntly replied. “NOW…show me your hands.” Lashing-WhipMaurice reached out his hands and I quickly secured My soft red leather cuffs around them. Feeling Marice’s hesitation. Next, I carefully tied a smooth rope harness on his bare chest with my silk Chanel #5 scented red rope and collared his rather thick neck. He grew anxious and I grew impatient. I grabbed his right wrist, sat down and drew him over my knee for a short bare spanking. “You will accept all I and MY whip can deliver…is that clear..” I reminded him as I took that last swat, in kind preparation of the next endeavors, of course!
“YES, YES…YES…I am looking forward to how good it will feel..” Maurice replied.
I led him to the MY St. Andrews’s cross, secured both his wrists high above his head and spread his ankles to tie them tightly to the eye hooks. I stood closely behind him…feeling his base chest and whispering in his ear “I know this bill bring you ecstasy and you will enjoy every last sound and sensation…” as I blindfolded him and attached my clover leaf nipple clamps and gave them a nice pull…for good measure and to ensure Maurice was wide awake.
I always thought of Maurice as My only TRUE masochist…one from his very birth onto our planet earth. By 7 years he was inserting tiny nails in his Urethra and scraping the ends on his testicles with the nails. By 11 he had his cousin tying him up in closets and it evolved from there – voila…the masochist addiction is born.
“I am more than ready and I need you breathing deeply and becoming one with the pain…” I ordered…and maurice was compliant as ever. I stood 3 ‘ back and gave my shiny black bull whip a loud CRACK! “Let’s Begin”! I thundered. The fist lash laid firmly on his right ass cheek…nice and red. Then the 2nd on the left cheek and as I alternated cheeks. As I heard Maurice squeal I started to gain traction and quickened MY pace…3, 4, 5 , 6 , 7, 8….25. I paused…Maurice’s flesh was burning and he was breathing heavily. He begged for me to release him and take MY pain in his genitals…where he preferred it. I would not relent and quickly grabbed My ties and secured his testicles and added in my favorite LELO vibrating cock ring to calm him down and massaged in crème to ease the burn so once it dried….the lashing could resume. I worked my way from maurice’s shoulders to his arms on down to his derriere once more then the backs of his thighs. After a brief pause of 2 minutes I repeated my torment from top to bottom. The force of my excitement began to show as those tiny smooth droplets of blood formed on maurice’s back and made their way to my rope harness. The delicious blood from his ass was quite exciting as I could not help but imagine how his significant other would react OR how Maurice would conceal these lashes…a good 10 days’ worth. Laughing in my thoughts and delighting in leading Maurice on a new pleasurable pain journey left me feeling elated as my slave rinsed off the blood. I applied alcohol and arnica as he struggled to convey his joy…thought I know the pleasure was simply suppressed and he needed to SNAP out of his fog and embrace his adrenaline fueled addiction.

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