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Stroke Recovery & Rehabilitation

***ALL SESSION STORIES are published with the express permission of the slave/sub****

Coming soon…the harrowing recovery of a chronic masturbator. Can this little submissive be saved from himself?

Jimmy was 11 years old in the suburbs of pristine Ohio. He was alone home…with Dad’s naughty magazines. He could not help but touch himself. That is when Aunt Judy dropped by and opened his bedroom door unannounced. This simple twist of fate lended itself to a lifelong disorder known a Priapism. Flash forward to the here and NOW and Jim remains that horny 11 year old 30 years later…just aching to go masturbate – alone. Over the years it transferred to a 3 to 4 hour daily ritual. Rituals need to be broken. Jim calls Mistress. Mistress devises a plan.

A Bit Later

2 months forward and Jim is on his way to a SLOW recovery and I will spare you…my readers…the gory details out of respect of this menance’s ordeal. We almost have him cured….and he will be allowed a “release” in the upcoming months. The Cure is out there….