Domina Anya

Mistress Anya Las Vegas, Nevada

Mistress Owns The Night – A prelude to a birthday debauched

Domina Anya CrossDresser

TweetWritten by a TRUE INNER SISSY brave enough to face the world as an incompetent SISSY! A true DOLLIFICATION TALE! THE BEGINNING It was a Tuesday so I figured that although here intentions were cruel in concept I was fairly confident she would spare me any long-lasting embarrassment. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We … Read more

Redeemed by Blasphemy

Tweet(ALL MY BLOGS ARE FACT….NOT FICTION…but the victims in MY tales have all given me their express PERMISSION) Daniel was frustrated. His wife continued to be absent from even a TINGE of sexual desire and, if they ever did a “fluid” exchange it was curt, sterile & lacking in any sort the lustful desire that … Read more