Leave it to the EXPERTS


What Excites you in BDSM? In DAILY LIFE?

These “whims” can be what motivate us and be the fuel for our fire. Be it that irresistible reward of the most scrumptious chocolate or that risqué online poker game that can drive us.

This Mistress’ many aphrodisiacs lie contained inside a fine red and black lacquered box – where the fire that is neatly and densely contained inside a ruby the size of a rose usually lies dormant. The fire is unshakably latent and must be carefully titrated unless disturbed by a sudden fury inside MY soul. A fury that is periodically unleashed when triggered by a force that is more than MY being. I utilize all of life’s daily distractions to oppress this fury toward the yet untold Force I mention. This force is one of intense charm, strength and elegance. One that can rival the Gods of the Roman Greco Era and drag lesser humans to their knees. This Force can be said to be a relentless attraction to another being…a chemistry conjured up only by a rare and uncompromising attraction…a liaison that is hard pressed to dismantle. When you find it…. continue with it until it discontinues you.

NOW A Tale from a Real Session

Anya Behavioral Therapy and Modification (a story..of what SHOULD happen in Real Life but yet it is only carried out inside MY sacred walls)

My little subject named williams VERY UNWORTHY THOUGHTS: “Here we go again” I thought. Court mandated therapy versus a conviction. Got off again with therapy, what a breeze. It hard to believe how strict they have become on sexual issues in the workplace. Heck I didn’t physically touch anyone at work. Well..
Hello William, come on in: she said as she held a few pages of a report, looking at them. You must have felt like you hit the lottery with therapy. Second known conviction, almost never gets therapy, friends in high places I guess. You must have an addiction problem, voiding your previous therapy probation, even with jail time staring at you. This is precious, she said, you drilled a hole in the wall in the ceiling right over the ladies bathroom, so you can watch women, right over a stall. Another peep hole into the ladies showers, from the surveillance video it appears women’s bottoms was the goal here. Creative, I must say, but not unique. Then, late night trips into the ladies’ lockers. Didn’t you know there where surveillance cameras? Looks like nothing was off limits for you, panties, sweaty shorts, socks and sneakers. Oh, I did check out that one that had you turn your head, yes it was pungent.
So, I presume the previous therapy had you get in touch with your feelings, admit your errors, I bet you even gave a little fake emotion to sell your being cured. William those techniques never work. But you know what I have never failed. On top of that the judge, while being pressured to give you therapy, knows that my treatment is not easy. In fact, 50 % have their attorney petition the court to accept incarceration rather than continue their treatment. It’s not difficult I have just built on some old-fashioned therapy techniques. Now we needed to get your signature that we would use non-conventional techniques outside the medical ethics act, but we have that. You belong to me, or the state penal system.


So, William I got my start out of college with smoking cessation therapy. Rather than tell a patient how bad the cigarettes where for them, we had a small bathroom sealed air tight, there was a commode with no set on it, and enough lighting to enhance the smoke in the room. We handed them a carton of cigarettes and had them go in the room naked. There was a camera and they saw themselves smoking coughing. As they were nearing the end of the carton we pulled them out, still light headed an in a daze. I gave them a good spanking for taking twice as long as they should have; all in a daze to complain till the spanking started. I then handed them another carton and sent them back to the room. They were usually begging to stop, so I offered them that they only had to smoke half the carton, but they needed to put on some frilly lingerie. I told them smoking was a silly choice and I wanted them to understand how silly they looked smoking. They all accepted. When we were done, I told them they had another session scheduled. I am sure they all left saying no way I’m coming back but promised vehemently they would before I let them out of the room.

Later in the week I would send their confirmation of their required follow up session. This was in many cases voluntary; Almost no one confirmed. That is when I sent them some pictures of them in their lingerie, along with their signature that we were able to use pictures and recordings of their session results good or bad. I had a list of email contacts. I got 100% confirmation after that. When they arrived, I had them sit outside one of the smoking and review rooms. I let them hear the coughing, I let them hear the spanking and promises, I let them see the smoker running to the smoking room in lingerie, panties about their knees, and red ass. They were shaking like a leaf when we sat down prior to the session. I tell them congratulations, that if they finish their smoking allotment today, it was all over. I loved the look of despair when I put three cartons on the desk. I ask if they would like to make it two. Predictable answer. I ask them what they did last time to have their allotment reduced? With a red face they said they were spanked and wore the lingerie. I ask if they would like to start their session out like that today. They all said yes. I said good, but if they want to have their allotment reduced they needed to do something extra and very shameful for them. I had them dressed and over my lap before I asked them. They would do anything not to annoy me. Then I gave them their first carton, told them they had an hour to finish the first carton. Then as I was about to hit the clock I told them room number 2, don’t pull up your panties till you finish your first pack of cigarettes. They rushed and puffed and all they saw the screen of them in the panties to their knees puffing and coughing. I usually had some crude comments over the intercom for them. When the first carton was finished I told them we needed a cure for their oral fixations. Turns out one of my assistants was a shemale, which was not obvious. I gave them the option to get on the knees and orally service HER, if they wanted just one more carton and be done. They said no way, but when I handed them a carton they opened their mouth and did the deed. They did, and with our voluntary follow up program we would check them for smoking, usually with some pictures to voluntarily participate.

So, you see William, when I wanted to get them to quit smoking I didn’t say no more cigarettes, I gave them more than they wanted. I made sure that there was a strong shameful element to offset each of their issues or addictions. Nothing harmful, nothing forced, but impactful. We were very successful. So William, I’m not going to say don’t look up women’s skirts or sneak a peek at them peeing. I’m not going to say don’t look at their asses. I’m not going to say you’re not going to sniff their panties and privates. We may not going through everything today because what you are going to experience is very intensive. I will find a way to have you motivated, and afraid to not repeat your action, all with out little therapy games. I’m going to bring in the women you have offended and show them your shame. William, you’re going to find out that if I hear you say I’m sorry, or I’ll never do it again, or please I’ve learned my lesson. It a sign of disrespect to me and I will make sure you pay for that disrespect. I will not be patronized, and I have a special friend to help me know when you are still excited to see these things, she said as she patted the front of my slacks
Now get undressed I need to give you a quick checkup. As I undressed, you had me stand with my hands behind my head as you walked around and slapped my ass with your hand a few times, then stroked me a few times. As I became erect you said I saw you looking at my bottom William. Would you like to kiss my bottom William? I wanted to feign that I didn’t know what she was talking about, but she knew. Yes Maam. I know she said. Raising her skirt a bit, one day this will make you extremely nervous William.
Now William we start and end a session with a confession. Along with this comes a spanking and paddling. I want you to know that spankings will be progressive. Answer all the questions crisply and thoroughly and it isn’t much. Regardless of the severity of the offense, the second spanking is harder, the third harder yet and your final confession even more. The final confession will review what happened, we will let you have a cool down, a shower if necessary and you will get dressed. When I say we are ready for the confessional I will take your pants down. When we are done you will pull them up and leave. I derive satisfaction from the fact that as you head out the door, your bottom is burning, a red face and I assure you in your case a bad taste in your mouth.
So let’s get started. Come over my lap. Ok a nice warm up while we can talk but once we move on to the paddle or hairbrush you will know this is becoming meaningful. Nothing was said to me as the spanking started, but you spoke with your friend. Do you think he understands what he is in for? She said I don’t think so. But I guarantee his previously therapy didn’t include a spanking. Wonder if he takes it like man or a sissy? Lady Anya said don’t worry we will take him down a notch one way or another.
Now William besides what we discussed are there some other issues I didn’t mention? Something concerning your disrespect for women, we should add to the list? The spanking of her hand grew faster and firmer, but not out of control as my mind searched. I knew if I gave her something it would be easier on me. My mind went through lots of things. William if you tell me it will be easier but I assure you it will be dealt with like everything else. Consequence, Regret and Humiliation. I decided nothing new was better. She noted my procrastination with an answer and moved on.
She picked up the paddle and I certainly missed the hand. William let’s see if this helps; I’ve interviewed some of the ladies you work with and some of your clients. Did you have inappropriate carnal relationships with anyone? The paddle kept the same pace but became even harder. Still I was just grunting. This was getting to be enough. …
Not at the office. I promise? No one!
Work related?….
The paddle worked a bit harder as if to try to prompt an answer. William let me tell you a story and as soon as you remember her name you tell me. You asked her out to dinner to discuss a project. Afterwards you suggested that you follow her to her place to review her project file as you would be out of the office the next few days. Once there you had your hand over her bottom and then between her legs. Suggestive at this point, right? The spanking picked up a notch, and other Dr. Anya had observing commented said a common occurrence if he hasn’t come up with it yet! You became more aggressive a hot kiss, tongue down her throat, hands up under her skirt rubbing her clit. She said maybe this isn’t appropriate. You said you’re the boss so if you say it’s appropriate it is. She didn’t need to worry about it. Did you pull out your cock and tell her maybe if she took care of it you could call it an evening? Do you know that many women will provide oral sex or a hand job to get it over with? Many, but you know that don’t you. Her paddle was now raising her pace and firmness. How am I talking about William? I needed to tell her she was spanking really hard. It was Becky I yelled out. William, I spoke with Becky, she said that you thought you were acting like you were doing her a favor by licking her clit for a few minutes. Do you know how to please a women? I guess not I yelled out as she punctuated her question with more whacks. And I believe you wanted a lap dance for a few minutes before she finished you off. I hear you had a hand to the back of her head , saying now sense ruining by having you spit it out. Is that about correct William? Yes, Yes , I said. This discussion needed to end my ass was burning.
Good job William up you go. Go sit on the sofa. You walk over to another room and open the door. William this is Carla. She is one of my sluts. She was like you, and is still in training. Similar issue of disrespect for women. Now me and my friends have had our way with Carla many times to help her learn her lesson. Today we are going to let her pass her lessons forward. Carla did you hear what bill did with poor Becky. He doesn’t understand how she felt. Now William I have had Carla in chastity for a week preparing for this session. I took it off, and she can earn her release from you. Do you want to help Carla? Carla go sit next to William and give him a feeling of what Becky felt like. Yes, Lady Anya. In front of me she raised the front of her skirt just a bit, removing any doubt of what she had there.
She sat right next to me and her hand went to my lap. It was humiliating as the two ladies laughed as I got hard. Then Carla sucked my cock for a minute and then stopped and said my lips are nice and wet . Then she pushed her lips to mine and gave a kiss with a tongue going in my mouth. She held my hair and did it forcefully while her other hand stroked. Come on William, I want to see how you played with Becky’s clit, hand up her skirt or you’re getting spanked. I pulled away. Ma’am please I can’t do this. Lady Anya came over and slapped my face, you’re lucky you’re not getting spanked again. Do it. I’ll see to it that the judge has you in a cell that you’re doing the same thing tonight.
Carla grabbed my hand and said let me help. She pulled it up under her skirt. Stroke it. Her tongue was back down my throat. Carla pulled away and said Becky your hands are rough, get it wet, and with a handful of hair put my face down to her cock. Get it wet, come on you can do better. Carla get him to moan when he does it. Did you hear that Becky, Carla said? Okay Becky on your Back, we want to see if you can eat her pussy properly. Carla straddle her face. Becky spread them and go to work, I head.

This was enough. Almost in tears. Maam please, I learned my lesson, I understand Ill never do it again. I understand up you go and bend over the couch. The paddle started hitting an already warm ass. Now when you have composed yourself you can beg Carla to let you eat her pussy. It didn’t take long. Carla walked up and put her cock to my lips as the paddling continued, show me you mean it. I am very horney and don’t like being toyed with. I started sucking. Carla said I think he has learned but why don’t you have him stay in position and let him compose himself. Carla walked up behind me and started rubbing the wet cock on my ass. I heard some whispering, and then Dr. anya saying I’m sorry Carla but while we can do almost anything sodomy is not allowed in this state.
Carla had me lie on the floor and straddle me. Carla said , now spread them and I want you to really work it. I promise you, with what I heard was planned this is the sweetest pussy you will encounter today. I didn’t go on long. I heard comments like yes that picture of the balls on his chin will make her happy that william is getting his due. Ok Carla, you did a good job with him, we may want more later but you earned your reward. You mouth is his to use.
I remember the same as I tasted his release. I closed my eyes. They opened when I heard William, In the future you will show your appreciation and say think you. Carla please show him what happens. Carla, Dr. Anya and her friend follow me to the bathroom and have me kneel in the shower. Clean me I heard. Then I felt a blast which was not cum. Lady Anya is going to be upset with you if you don’t learn to swallow.
When Carla was done the shower was turned on. Rinse him off but don’t let him rinse his mouth, bring him in when Your done.
As I walked back into the room I was instructed to stand in front of a tv. Dr. Anya hadn’t said anything about her friend that had been watching the events of the past hour. But I heard a number of sarcastic remarks. William do you know who this is, she asked of her friend? She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it. NO maam I said. She said here are a few hints. I realized that you weren’t just looking through the peep holes but where recording as well. We got this off your office computer.

I would imagine the judge would like to see this if you got in front of her again. There it was I saw the head of a lady, legs spread , sitting on the commode. The angle showed her clearly peeing but it was small, gladly they didn’t know about the zoom feature. William the recording history, as it zoomed in and there was no question she was peeing. Does that help william? Let’s move forward.

The next was, as I was told was from the security cameras. Why didn’t I see them and just my luck why wasn’t I turned the other way. I grabbed a shoe and now I remember, it was pungent. Sweaty feet no socks and a long workout day after day. Someone needs to tell her about foot powder I remember thinking. Then I reached into the gym bag and there was a pair of balled up panties. I put them to my nose and the camera was too high to see what I did.
William lie on the floor. There you go. A chair was set by my feet and her friend stood and I was instructed to mover her right shoe. I did, and then took it off. To your nose william. Lady anya holding it there. She instructed her friend to sit. She told her I would be licking her toes clean next, and then maybe she could help with my dripping cock and all that mess. Her foot rubbed as lady anya held the shoe and offered a constant commentery on my hard cock and the stinky shoe. Why william?

Then it was the foot, then the other shoe, and then the other foot. Lady anya was asking her about the panties I had sniffed in the gym locker and if there was anything special. She said no they where actually, sought of clean, she would have brought them home to wash but had to run after work. She asked her about the panties she was wearing today? All the while I am being edged. I was told that I was to let them know if we got too close to the edge. They decided they didn’t like being told to stop so wanted me to yell out that I wanted to suck some cock. Lady anya told me that she asked her to wear the panties she worked out in the previous day. She asked if she did. She said yes. She said” she was a bit ashamed , not necessarily by the sweat, they where a little rank, but that her boyfriend had gotten in from working offshore for three weeks. We had a while round and I saw it was getting late, so I put on yesterday’s panties and came straight over. I didn’t realize how wet they where getting. Three weeks is a long time for a guy, she said. Then when Carla stuck her tongue down his throat and I saw the reaction I laughed so hard I tinkled a bit. “ No problem with that is there william, a good long face sit and they should be sucked clean. Yes William we are doing three hours, and I bet your going to be really drained. Of course there will be consequences. I might even let Carla have a go at you again. I hope you weren’t lying when you said you could only release once. I bet Carla and drain you and have you shooting blanks. Of course you will reciprocate. Remember William your mine, till I think you have modified your behavior and your managerial team have shown it. If there is a next time we will film it all so you can realize you will be featured on all the easily accessible adult vehicles..pornub, xvideo and of course xhamster viewers will have their eyes on you!