BDSM Kidnap Role PLay

The Wheels of Industry MUST Turn

Kidnapping is thought to be terrifying to most; to this athletic & adventurous couple it proved to bring them the euphoria they craved. After a brief back and forth with Todd & Denise we arrived at an intriguing scene and brought it to fruition. BDSM Kidnap play is the ultimate thrill in my opinion and I enjoy executing all the fine details.


The Leader of “Engima” which features ruthless operatives whose mission is to lure unsuspecting men and women into the organization to work as slaves to buyers from around the globe. Anya’s client resides in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Waleed bin Tal l is in need of American talent for their new venture involving the Jeddah Tower and is relying on Anya’s training expertise to make it happen. Todd was an attractive and muscular construction worker and Denise a hot young woman with a strong sexual appetite. Todd is perfect for working construction under the HOT SUN in Jeddah as he works outside in Houston, Texas and Denise has incredible learning potential as belly dancer and common prostitute.


These two will make for a high price from the Saudis and Anya was eager to lure them into HER fold. Todd also had expressed an interest and did explore a little bi sexuality so could be used as a male prostitute as well since this was also a “hidden” & “secretive” underworld in the Kingdom that also will pay a high price for a bi sexual male. Anya had to plot well to ensure this materialized.


Anya invited Todd & Denise to HER home to play cards with her and her significant other and discuss foreign affairs. Todd & Denise arrived promptly and and Anya had Vince place their things in the closet. All 4 enjoyed 2 bottles of wine, a little poker & food then Anya suggested a game of charades. Each chose a card out of the box and had to enact what the title was. (Of course Anya marked the cards she and Vince were to choose as the others were all Kidnapping scenes. Anya also made sure both Todd & Denise drank heavy while she and Vince barely sipped from their wine glasses. Let this charade of sabotage begin.

“OH….I never heard of this movie,” said Denise as she reviewed her card which read “Prisoners”. Todd’s read “Phone Booth” and he knew what to do. We played and then Anya teased Denise to take it a step further and remove most of her clothing and lay on the massage table behind her. Todd was to watch Anya as SHE placed leather cuffs on both her ankles and wrists. Anya secured Denise tightly to the swing and teased her mercilessly in front of Todd and then Anya proceeded to shower her slender perfect body with hot wax while inserting a vibrating pink LELO dildo in her vagina as she squealed… first in fear but it was followed by pleasure. Todd had been restrained and chained by Vince (who NOW was HER official HENCHMAN)….and gagged as well. Since Denise would not tolerate a gag without hyperventilating Anya forced her to suck her strap on…..and make sure she licked all the delicate areas at the head to prove her value once taken to The Kingdom. Todd, on the other hand, had to endure other NEW tortures. He had his muscles measured and stress tested with weights he then was tied securely by Anya’s henchman to the spanking bench…he literally could not move or break out of the chains or rope…it was HOPELESS! Todd was FLAT on his stomach….his ankles affixed to the hooks on the bench and his wrists roped to the hooks on the side…Todd was gagged as this was going to hurt. Anya had her henchman watch Denise and got her dressed up in a sexy belly dancer ensemble. Anya lubed up Todd’s ass then grabbed a semi thin 6” red dildo and gently inserted it as Todd gasped then seemed to enjoy it as she upgraded to larger and larger models ..ending at 10” when Todd reached a massive prostate orgasm. She rewarded him with a heavy beating with HER cane; finishing off with her two floggers. He would be a perfect construction foreman by day/male prostitute by evening…what a find..she told him as HER henchman freed him and forced him to lay on his back! Anya tested out Denise’s belly dancing skills carefully….having her do every sensual move imaginable…even attaching her nipple clamps and pulling her back and forth. After that test was completed she had Denise suck Todd’s cock and forced her to hold his cum in her mouth for 5 entire minutes before swallowing it. They performed well….they had to…nothing like performing at one’s best under pressure. What can one say…the Wheels of Industry MUST TURN.