Cuckhold Domina Anya

What (slave) Dreams Will NEVER come….A cuckhold’s tale

Yet another hopeless fantasy courtesy of slave evan.

….Evan and Anya were co-workers. Been at the same company for years. Anya was a knockout but Evan was shy. Too shy to ever ask her out. He wasn’t gay but Anya had her suspicions that he might be somewhat submissive. Evan had a girlfriend that ruled his life. He always catered to her. Their sex life was boring for his taste because he was too afraid to tell her what he wanted for fear of losing her. Anya had met her at a company party and they made a connection unbeknownst to Evan. So Anya hatched a plan to see if her suspicions were right.
After work one friday, the group from work went out for drinks. After a few shots things started to loosen up and Anya asked Evan some direct questions…
“So how is Trish….she is a hot girl”
“OK I guess he replied.
“Are you satisfying her evan”
“She seems to be a bit bored”
“I can help if you want and I know you want me to….don’t you evanmy…Evanberly”
He blushed and lowered his head and whispered yes.
“What did you say you little sissy” anya was testing the waters.
“Yes ma’am” he replied.
She was right. He was a little sissy slut.
Her plan was working to perfection.
“Pay the bill bitch and be at my place in an hour and I will train you properly”
An hour later he arrives at Anya’s apartment and who answers the door but Trish.
“Come in slut and meet my new mistress”
Anya sat in a chair as Trish laid at her feet. They made him sit and watch as Anya dominated his girlfriend while she pleasured Anya over and over. Then Anya, with a Strapon, fucked Trish until she had a mind blowing orgasm…one she never had with him.
Trish explained to him that Anya was the head of their family now and that he would do whatever she wanted.
Anya snapped her fingers and told him that he would finally realize his purpose in life. A beautiful woman named Jasmine walked into the room. She asked Anya if Evan was hers to do what with she pleased. Of course she said.
Jasmine walked over to Evan and pushed him to his knees….she slid her skirt to the side and slid a huge cock from her pants and told him to suck. Without hesitation he took that sweet meat into his mouth….Anya and Trish,laying in each other’s arms, jumped up and exclaimed…I knew it…I knew he loved cock….look at him go…he will be our perfect bitch…
For the rest of the evening the girls took turns…strapons or real cock…abusing and humiliating Evan into ecstasy.
….weeks had gone by since that first encounter. Anya and Trish continued their love affair while Evan was regulated to being the slave. They would tie him to a chair and blindfold him while they pleasured each other. He could hear the moans and screams of ecstasy coming from Trish. They cuckold him…they humiliated him…they teased him mercilessly for hours on end. They put him in chastity and controlled him. He loved every minute of it. Anya would dress him in stockings and panties and take pictures of him…she would make him crawl to her and take her cock in her mouth. He loved sucking cock. While sitting on the couch she would make him lie on his back with ass in the air while she fucked him. She would allow him to stroke himself so when he came he would shoot off into his own mouth. As he would lick his own cum, Anya stood above him and gave him a special shower. Her juices flowed over him as he lapped up the sweet golden nectar.
One evening he came home to find Anya, Trish and 2 transsexuals having drinks. They all were a bit tipsy. When he walked in he was ordered to strip. Jasmine and her friend Tiffany came over to him and began to run their hands all over his body. They grabbed his balls tightly and told him that these were theirs now. He was being pimped out. He loved being a slut. Tiffany bent him over and slid her hard cock into his tight ass. As she slowly pounded him he was made to watch his girlfriend suck the huge cock of Jasmine. This scene of being totally used for the enjoyment of others…being the slut of the party made him complete